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MY Top Ten Hated Characters

Guess what? I finally got a new laptop! 😀 It’ll be way easier to make posts now.But, let’s start on something I always wanted to do.

Yes, if you have seen the title, I will be doing a series on top ten memes from Deviantart.

And this is the first one.

People will hate me for number seven, five, and four.

People will hate me for number seven, five, and four.

This has also been posted on my new DeviantArt.Here’s the link. http://krontriolle.deviantart.com/art/MY-Ten-Most-Hated-Characters-568316557?ga_submit_new=10%253A1445805751

Let’s begin.

#10: Bella Swan (From Twilight)

You know, she isn’t THAT bad….but she’s a pretty boring Mary-Sue.It’s so cliche and illogical that I’m pretty sure most people who read this thought it was a fan-fiction made by a thirteen year old.It makes no sense on how her father was perfectly fine with adult men trying to seduce his teenage daughter.

#9: Miu Matsuoka (From Ichigo Mashimaro, Strawberry Marshmallow in English.)

A bit of a brat, but at least she gets karma.Although, it’s a bit annoying how she doesn’t think of anyone else’s feelings and strives for Nobue’s affection to the point of sabotaging the other girls.Better than ONE twerp on this list at least…*Cough* Rin *Cough*

#8: Modern Denzel Crocker (Modern FOP)

What the fuck happened to this guy? At the beginning of the show, he got karma and just wanted to prove a point, but now he’s just a sociopath, psychopathic, and deranged stalking asshole.I guess some kids go crazy when they have daddy issues.

#7: Lucy (Elfen Lied the Manga AND Anime)

Now, I know people will rage and say I only watched the anime without paying attention, and that I didn’t get all the information about Lucy.Well, guess what? I not only watched the anime and OVAS, but I read the WHOLE manga (Or did I see it? Kinda confused since manga is different from anime) twice.And, let me tell you, if you hate this psychopathic cunt in the anime, you will want to dispose her in the manga.80% of the time she kills, it’s for being a douche-bag.Why do people hate Yuka, other than the fact that she’s in the “way” of their stupid ship of Lucy and Kouta?

Let’s remember, kids, that Lucy killed his FUCKING FAMILY.Why? Cause she thought she was BETWADED! Oh, cry me a river.Lucy could’ve been sold as a sex-slave for all I care, and that wouldn’t excuse her despicable behavior.Your backstory is not a excuse whenever you do a bad deed.To think that it is is immature and stupid.I really don’t see how anyone could like Lucy, yet hate Yuka.Lucy is a douche-bag, and I have no sympathy for her.She knows what’s she is doing, and she knows how it feels to lose someone you love, yet she continues to be a terminator and kill everyone who “makes her mad”.Seriously, grow up.Nana lost her limbs due to your mental ass, but did you see her killing everyone she saw just to watch them suffer? No.Why? Cause it’s ONLY LUCY.Lucy isn’t a nutjob cause of her species; it’s FREE WILL.And, for that, she is guilty as charged.Lucy is so lucky that I remembered the people in front of in the line of characters I hate.Lucy would probably of been first, had it not been for them.This character is over-rated for the wrong reasons, and is a borderline psychopath.

#6: Haruhi Suzumiya (From TMOHS)

Look, another tsundere sociopath chick who gets away with being a bitch; and don’t forget, when she is finally put on blast or is given karma, it’s stopped by a white knight hypocrite, who didn’t do anything when the punching bag was hurt.Is she related to Taiga and Rin? I can see the resemblance (personality wise).

However…Haruhi is a bit different from anime girls like her.You know how some people think that the world revolves around them? Well, that’s exactly how Haruhi thinks; and I’m not kidding.The whole anime is about this, and all the supernaturals in this show believe this, and that’s the whole theme in this.AND YES, I WATCHED THE MOVIES AND MANGA SO DON’T SAY I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE.

Haruhi has her head so far up her ass that to call her “egotistical” or “stuck-up” is a understatement beyond this Earth.She, apparently, is the God of the universe…or some sht idk the anime was so derpy and confused that I got a bit mixed up on the plot.Which is what happens when you DO PLOT HOLES AND THEN TURN IT TO TRUTH THEN SARCASM EVERY FIVE SECONDS, KADOKAWA SHOTEN.However, this is the same series that took in Lucky Star, High School of the Dead, Baka to Test, and Black Rock Shooter.I’m not surprised.Kadokawa Shoten takes in many animes that aren’t thought in carefully, with non-visible plot lines.BRS the anime, although good, has a invisible plot line just because of this.KS writers are always making loop-holes and continuity fail cause they barely go over the writing.

Btw, characters like Haruhi and Lucy are the reason why I hate 95% of animes.Seriously, why is their immature and selfish behavior not corrected or criticized? Oh wait, they’re the main characters….right.Sorry! Forgot!

Besides sexually harassing Mikuru, treating Kyon like (literately) a garbage bag, attacking other students/other clubs because she can’t ask to borrow a fucking object, being a egotistical spoiled brat who thinks everything revolves around her, and is annoyingly a insufferable asshole, Haruhi is a cliche tsundere who thinks that, by treating your crush like shit, they will totally fall in love with you! She’s as much as a egotistical hypocrite as Taiga and Rin.

Of course, like every tsundere who’s popular in America, she has a set of white knights who, even though they don’t do anything when Haruhi attacks someone or is just a plan assaulter, will turn into a soldier as soon as Haruhi is told how it is.Speaking of this subject, why did you dodge Kyon’s hand towards Haruhi, Itsuki? She really deserved it.She flipping sexually assaulted and intoxicated a innocent girl just so they could finish her weabooish movie.I’m not for violence, but she really, really, does deserve a beating.

This girl is a sociopath asshole, and you can’t deny that.

#5:Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)

Do you know what is more annoying than a killer who’s fans uses her backstory as a excuse, and a egotistical assaulting selfish brat who thinks the world revolves around her and is a cliche tsundere? Someone who is both characters added together! Well, minus the killing and God part.

Yes, children, Taiga is what happens when someone who uses their “sad” backstory as a excuse and rages for the most idiotic reasons meets someone who is sadistically cruel and believes that being a egotistical bitch is fun, and have a baby! Guys, this is Taiga Aisaka.

Taiga Aisaka, for those who don’t know, is a borderline brat who, because of her “sad” backstory, we’re supposed to let her despicable behavior slide.Cause, you know, backstories /=/ (That’s the sign for automatically equals) excuses.No, it doesn’t.Your backstory doesn’t make your future.Look at Yuuji Kazami, the main character from “The Fruit of Grisaia” anime, manga, and visual novels.This kid’s sister vanished in a accident during a field trip, resulting in his father being abusive towards both him and his mother, leading to, after a year of hiding and Yuuji and his mother being found by his father, the mother snapping after Yuuji’s father raped her and killed his father and then herself.He then got adopted by, first a rich pedophile who would make Yuuji cross-dress and sexually abused him, and then a hot chick who was also a pedophile BUT HEY AT LEAST SHE “WAITED” -_-.

Is Yuuji a asshole? NO.Does he treat people like shit and only care about his background when he gets in trouble? NO.Why? Because only the weak do it.Lucy, Taiga,Rin (Wait till you see her reason of being a- NO SPOILERS- -_-) have no excuses on the mischievous behavior they acquire, and for them to try to use one is disgusting.Taiga shouldn’t be aloud to do such bad things because of her backstory.Yes, what happened to her isn’t really good, but that’s not a excuse to insult and assault anyone you don’t like.And it’s obvious that Taiga is doing this on free will, cause she is best buds with Minori, another piece of shit in this oh cliche romance comedy “sad” anime.

Oh, and did you know that she is a hypocritical selfish brat? When her father, who gave up being a thot JUST for her came, Taiga whined and flipped the finger.And, she has the NERVE to insult Ryuuji, the punching ba- I mean “love interest” of Taiga.I find it hard to believe that Rikurou was a bad guy.And, if he was, he would be the perfect father for such a horrible person.Her mother seems to be more caring than what the fans and Taiga think.Also, Ryuuji is a asshole to what he said to his mother, who is basically a hooker, just to afford their tiny apartment after his dad walked out.BTW, what is up with rich kids living alone in apartments in Japan? With no supervision? Does Japan notice this or care? Like, seriously, how is this perceived as a-okay by the school?

I don’t feel bad about the Yusaku thing, causee Taiga had rejected HIM insensitively and carelessly the year prior, so it’s all her fault.When she got rejected by Yusaku a second time (When Sumire confessed to Yusaku), I honestly didn’t care.Crying cause you realized that he doesn’t have romantic feelings for you? Oh, shut up.What a hypocrite.This wouldn’t of happened if you rejected him like a normal human being instead of doing it like the stuck-up bitch you are.

Seriously, why is this girl over-rated? And why are the original makers of this (The manga came first before all the ovas and anime and games and stuff) so uncreative, seeing as Sumire and Ami look EXACTLY alike and only have a difference on eye color, the middle (Which isn’t really a difference since Ami has the same bangs in certain positions) of their bangs, and voice? No one knows.But, seriously, why is Taiga Aisaka well-liked? She freaking called Maya, another character who, although barely speaks and is almost close to a background character along with her best friend Nanako, is better than any of the self-absorbed dramatic piece of shits in this show.This is the most unlikable character I’ve ever seen, period.Well, to the third most hated character (For me) on this list.

Loop-holes, loop-holes.All that matters is that Taiga, to me, is a hypocritical sociopath twerp.

#4: Minori Kushieda (Also From Toradora!)

You know why I hate this girl more than Ami and Taiga? Well, Ami and Taiga admit how horrible they are (Although in the beginning of the manga and anime, they were a bit hypocritical in the beginning), while Minori criticizes everyone for doing this that she does herself.Minori, besides how she may seem, plays with people’s feelings.This is noted by Ami, a manipulator herself, so it’s pretty obvious.Also, Minori and Ami have similar last names…..I guess the creator of the manga couldn’t think of anything else original, huh? Seriously, though, Minori knows that what she does will hurt everyone, yet doesn’t hesitate to think about other peoples’s feelings because she’s too selfish to just tell Ryuuji, who she KNOWS became good friends with Taiga JUST to go on Minori’s good side.

Minori knows that she’s wrong, and she knows that what she’s doing is insensitive and selfish; yet, she still does it.Really? You know what, let’s stop this.Next!

#3: Rin Kokonoe (Kodomo No Jikan)


She’s the ultimate asshole.She has the sociopath harsh treatment that Lucy gives, Haruhi’s ability to be a insufferable asshole and get away with it because assaulting someone sexually and tormentingly, and the “sad” backstory of Taiga to gain the viewer’s sympathy.

Rin Kokonoe is a snotty brat who torments the living life of her teacher, Daisuke Aoki, because she has a crush on him.

But, why should we forgive these horrible actions? BECAUSE HER MOTHER DIED.OH, FUCK OFF.

Seriously, though, we just stop with the backstories /=/ excuses? It’s not a excuse for bad behavior, and it’s quite sad that someone would think it would be for main characters.If sub and background characters can’t use it, neither can main characters.There’s nothing on her backstory that is the cause of her actions.And, no, don’t say that I haven’t “had a tragedy”.My father died when I was in the same grade as Rin (Third), but did you see me being a slutty brat who tortured someone to make myself feel better? No.His death did cause a bit of problems in me, but nowhere to where I did something just because of his death.Rin’s mom dying isn’t causing her to resort to:

  • blackmail
  • sexual assault
  • verbal assault
  • physical assault
  • false accusations of molestation
  • false accusations of rape
  • false accusations of domestic abuse
  • false accusations of sexual abuse
  • false accusations of verbal abuse
  • false accusations of physical abuse
  • seduction.

And, because of these reasons, I have no sympathy for Rin.I can’t stand her friend, Kuro, either.Kuro is so jealous of the poor guy to the point where she physically, verbally, and mentally abuses him for no reason other than the fact that Kuro is a self-absorbed cunt who has lots of pride, yet can’t tell Rin three words.

Just as self-absorbed as Rin.When another teacher (Kyoko) tries to confess to Aoki, Rin shows her true colors as a manipulative brat and sabotages Kyoko if Kyoko goes as far as just walking next to Aoki.Which, is pretty ironic, judging by all the things this girl has done to her “crush”.Also, this just proves that Rin doesn’t seem to respect the ADULT she “loves”.If she really loved him, she wouldn’t sabotage others just for her own gain.

Also, wtf is with the pedophilia in this shit? A THIRD GRADER (Rin’s friend, who personality-wise is the only normal person in this shit next to Aoki and Kyoko) having her breast almost to the sizes of D, maybe DD? Was Dewani90 in the art-board department in the anime, manga, and OVA? Cause this is just disgusting.There’s a difference between a bit of fan-service and just becoming a border line pedophile/predator to the point where Chris Hansen drives by your house every five hours with a grenade launcher, waiting for you to come home so he can execute you off his “MOST WANTED PREDATORS” list.The way these EIGHT and NINE year olds are depicted in the franchise just makes me want to grab Dateline and Chris Hansen along with me to a trip to Japan so we can have a little “talk” with Studio Barcelona (Now named Diomedea to hide from Chris Hansen and Dateline).

But, hey, it’s Japan, so why should I be shocked.Whatever.NEXT!

#2: Modern Lisa Simpson (Modern The Simpsons)

Remember when Lisa didn’t have to brag about being intelligent and wasn’t a hypocrite? Well now Lisa is everything she despises.She’s a butthurt feminazi vegan hippie hypocrite who whines and bitches about how animals are treated, yet eats insects and pretends that she doesn’t know that plants are beings, too.Ironically, even those 85% of “Just Lisa” episodes/plot lines have to do with Lisa being unfair or selfish, Lisa always is the first to shun someone in disgust over their sins.Oh, but it’s a-okay when Lisa does it! Like how Lisa peer-pressured her mother into telling the truth about sabotaging the other chefs’s (It was a contest) food, even though Lisa cheated in a soccer game, just to be a hypocrite and, instead of admitting that she was wrong, call her father out on being a FATHER, which is what Lisa bitches and whines about wanting her father to actually be, for once.Yeah, Lisa is like a butthurt feminazi; they both want (Insert desire) until it affects them negatively.

And, no, I’m not “hating” on Lisa.Although, people will be more mad about me hating Lucy,Taiga, and Rin, since 95% of the Lisa fanbase ditched her due to her current OOC (Abbreviation for Out Of Character) hypocritical state.I used to be a FAN of this girl, mind you.She was usually the only reason why I watched the show in the first place.However, as time went on, I soon realized that she grew more and more out of character after 2005.And, sadly, this is the outcome of what happens when a show stays on the air for too long; it runs out of ideas, and becomes your average generic American-cartoon.

And, now, we have to deal with this Tumblr hispter-fag, who will later become the next Anita-Sarkeshian hypocrite money whore in a feminist-based game company.She might even sleep with game reviewers to boost up the rates of her video games while down-rading other video games, like Zoe Quinn.You know, the dick-sucking hypocrite who is one of the reasons why feminism has failed? Hopefully Zoe doesn’t see this, or she’ll try to seduce me so no one talks about the scandal! Lol I’ll stop..


#1: Modern Peter Griffin (Modern Family Guy)

Boy…this guy….the once lovable father who, although made a bit of mistakes, learned in the end and admitted to not being a perfect father.

Too bad he’s now a abusive asshole.Seriously, he treats his oldest child like a punching bag,his wife like a maid (Although she does deserve it for being a disgusting whore),starts conflicts and arguments because he’s that selfish, gets drunk about fifty times more than the time he spends with his kids WILLINGLY, and so much that I could turn all the horrible things he does on a daily basis to a mini-novel.About, I’d say, 215 pages?

Peter is mentally retarded; and I mean this seriously.It’s to the point where it’s every episode about him is depressing.He always has to ruin the moment, always has to be a asshole, and always has to be a horrible person in general.

Ironically, although I hate this guy the most, I didn’t write a lot for him.


I might do another one of these.Again, I said MIGHT.But, for now, this is just it.

Types of Kids in a Classroom: Part 1

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U are the MVP Stuart

Futile Fanfiction #4: Fixing A Broken Heart

TDROTI+ TDRR.Lovely.I decided to put the antagonists of TDRR, Jacques and Josse(who I believe are adorable together), into the magical,LOVELY search bar of FF, and I found a fanfic that had so many loop-holes that I am pretty sure this was originally a OC Wattpad “novel” until Siren Of the Dark Seas, the writer, watched a new episode of TDRR. I’m gonna make a blog about all the TDI eps and seasons, soon, so remember that!

Btw, sorry for not uploading, I’ve been a bit busy with schoolwork.Let’s begin.Oh, and did you know that FF has a mobile site? Now I can copy and paste (lol yes I am lazy) instead of summarizing.I’ll have to edit the big fanfiction I have in store too, so I can copy and paste.

Dakota stood there in shock at the words that came out of her boyfriend Sam’s mouth…well ex-boyfriend. They are in school standing by his locker. She walked up to him all excited to tell him she bought them tickets to the next video game convention and he just said it.

“Dakota i just don’t think this is gonna work” he said.

“Wait what!…Did. You. Just. Break. Up. With. Me?” she asked shocked. No one has ever broke up with her before. She’s always been the dumper never the dumpee

“Yeah…look Dakota you’ve been distracting me…i have a huge gaming competition coming up and all you’ve been doing lately is coming over and distracting me from practicing” he says.

“Your my boyfriend…i just want you to give me some attention and spend some time with me” she says getting upset.

Damn, what a asshole.She got those tickets just for him, too…

“Look Dakota its just not gonna work okay…you need to move on okay…i gotta go” Sam said as the bell rang. He then walked away leaving Dakota there in shock. Her eyes then began watering and she ran down the hall. As she was running she wasn’t looking where she was going and accidentally ran into someone.

“Ow!” they said as they fell to the ground.

“Oh my gosh i am so sorry” Dakota said realizing she ran into someone. She then got a look at who she ran into and realized it was Jacques a french exchange student who has been training to ice skate in the olympics with another student by the name of Josee. Dakota hadn’t met her yet but heard she was a total controlling bitch.

“Its okay but please wa-” Jacques started, before I interrupted him.

Are you for real?

Are you for real?

First of all, Jacques and Josee are adults.He’s 22, and she’s 20.Even if the two CANADIANS (remember this) were teenagers at the time, Sam and Dakota would be in middle school.Oh, and, Sam and Dakota met DURING the show, and probably lived many states apart, excluding any chances of them seeing each other on the street but as strangers.Second of all, why would Jacques and Josee move to America suddenly? Other than the fact that this a loop hole.Third of all, why does everyone think they’re from France? They said in the first episode, “Go Quebec!”.I understand that they have a French accent, but Quebec is a French part of Canada.

When has Josee ever shown signs of abusing Jacques? The worse she’s “mistreated” him was in the first episode where she mentioned how he accidentally dropped her at the Winter Olympics.She considers his feelings and worth a lot, to the point where, if they had a romantic relationship, which I think they do and am praying for, it’ll last longer 70% of the “opposites attract, bad guys” romances on all the TDI series.

Last but not least, why did they come to America.Cause, let’s be honest, America and our education systems regarding public schools are shit rofl.No, seriously, lmao Jacques and Josee need to go back to Quebec cause the USA sucks.And, yes, this is coming from a American.I go to a Catholic school, though.

“Its okay but please watch where…” Jacques says before noticing her make-up running and tears falling out of eyes, “Are you okay?”.

“No!…my boyfriend just dumped me” Dakota says as tears begin to fall again.

“I am so sorry…’e must be a total idiot to dump a beautiful girl such as you” he says.

“Thanks” Dakota replies, “I thought he loved me but…apparently he lied to me” she says as she tears up again.

“ey do you know what i do when i’m feeling down…i go ice skating, zhe ice just always makes me feel calm and ‘appy…i feel at peace on zhe ice…when Josee isn’t yelling at me to practice harder or do better” he says.

I doubt that Josee would be that bad,A bit obsessive over winning and competitive, I’m not denying that lmao, but she is in now way obsessive and competitive to the point where she’s a domestic abusing douchebag.

“You shouldn’t let her talk to you like that…you should stand up to her” she says.

“I don’t know” he says.

“No you listen to me…no one and i mean No. One. should have to deal with that kind of bullshit…don’t be a doormat if she’s being a total bitch to you then you should tell her to get lost and find a new partner to replace her” she says.

“You know what your right…zhank you Dakota” he said turning to leave.

“Anytime” she said to his retreating form. Dakota then pulled out her compact mirror and applied some make up to fix her tear stained cheeks. She then took a deep breath and headed to her next class.


[After School]

After school Dakota decided to take Jacques’s advice and try ice skating. It really gave her some time to think and she realized that Sam never really the right guy for her. And not because she was popular and he was a gaming geek. It was because he never really cared for her…he never paid attention to her, all he did was ignore her and focus on his video games. Dakota never said he had to give them up but all she wanted him to do was spend a little bit of time with her…all she wanted was for him to care abut her and notice her but he never did…he was way more interested in Princess Zelda and Lara Croft then her…she realized that he was not someone to waste tears over. As she jumped into the air she spun ten times in a row before landing on her feet. She then began skating backwards and did a backflip on the ice landing perfectly. She the heard clapping. She turned and saw Jacques standing by the entrance to the ice rink.

“I ‘ad no idea you were so amazing at zhis…your a true professional” he says.

“Thank you Jacques…i’ve been taking ballet and gymnastics since i was three…i’m basically just putting what i know from there onto the ice” she replies.

lol ok that makes sense

“So i ‘ave news…i told Josee to go find ‘erself a new partner…i told ‘er zhat if she can’t respect me zhen she can get lost” he says.

“That great…I’m so happy for you” she says giving him a hug. He’s shocked by the hug at first but then he hugs her back. They both then pull away blushing.

“Do you wanna skate with me?” she asks.

“Yes i would love to” He replies as the two of them begin skating together. He then picks her up and spins her while holding her up. He then throws her in the air and jumps and catches her landing on his feet, putting her down.

“Wow that was amazing” Dakota says.

“It also ‘elps not to ‘ave a partner zhat is constantly yelling at me to do better and not fail and call me a complete failure” Jacques as him and Dakota stare into each other’s eyes.

“Have you ever felt like the right person for you has been there for you the entire time but you’ve just been to distracted to notice them?” she asks.

“Yes i do believe so” he says as they both close their eyes and lean in closing the gap between them and sharing a sweet, passionate kiss. After pulling away they stare into each other’s eyes they hear a very angry voice.

“JACQUES!…WHAT ARE YOU DONG WITH HER!” Josee screams angrily as she storms onto the ice.

“I’m skating with my new partner” Jacques replies.

“WHAT!” Josee screams pissed off.

How did she know he would be there?

“Yes, Dakota ‘ere is my new partner and were going to be entering the olympics together” he replies.

“We are?” Dakota asks surprised.

“Yes we are” Jacques replies.


“If anyone is a worthless failure its you…stop being a bitch and take some responsibility…i heard about how you’ve been through seven different partners…maybe your the reason you keep losing not them” Dakota says shocking Josee.

Wasn’t there a episode of TDRR where Jacques and Josee stated that they’ve basically been skating together since they were toddlers? So…yeah, there’s no way she could have so many partners before four.Just saying.

“W-what…how d-dare y-you…I-I-I-” Josee tries to say as Jacques skates up to them.

“Like you said Josee…zhe way to win is to replace your partner with someone better and Dakota is so much better zhen you in so many ways, not just in skating skills…i zhink you should leave” he says as she screams in anger and storms off.

“Mark. My. Words Jacques…you will not win with her as your partner…Mark. My. WORDS!” she says leaving. Jacques then turns to Dakota.

“Dakota i’m sorry i shouldn’t have just said you would become my new partner…i just-” he says before she cuts him off.

“I would love to be you ice skating partner” Dakota says.

“And i promise i won’t drop you like i did Josee” Jacques says.

“You wouldn’t have dropped her if she didn’t repeatedly yell at you to not screw up making you nervous” she replies as he smiles again. He then leans down and kisses her again. As he pulls away Dakota smiles big. The two then begin skating again.


[One Year Later]

It had been a year since Sam dumped Dakota and she became Jacques’s ice skating partner after he dumped Josee. And the two of them have only gotten closer. They have both begun dating each other and have competed in enough ice skating competitions to make their way to the olympics. However Josee had as well. After searching for a partner she finally found one with figure skating skills…unfortunately for her the only person she could find was Harold.






LOOLZ loopholes.

Jose and Harold had just finished earning a 9.9. Then as they were skating off the ice Josee turned to Jacques and Dakota and glared at them.

“Beat that…oh and Jacques don’t mess up and drop Dakota like you did me” Josee spats with an evil smile on her face.

“Did you know that the first person to ever be dropped in an ice skating competition was-“Harold starts but is cut off by Josee.

“WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT TALKING!” she yells, “Anyways break a leg…or both of them” she says smirking evilly as Jacques and Dakota make their way onto the ice.

Damn…what a bitch.

“Don’t listen to her…remember i won’t be mad if we don’t win…all that matters to me is that we enjoy ourselves out there…just focus on me and ignore all outside distractions…unlike her i believe in you” Dakota says.

“I understand” Jacques replies. Jacques and Dakota then make their way onto the ice. They then begin skating and they were doing amazing. After skating for ten minuets it came time for him to pick her up.

“Remember ignore all outside distractions…just focus on me” she says to him as he picks her up and begins spinning. After about ten spins he stops and throws her in the air. he then catches her and places her down as they finish by posing. The crowd erupts in cheers as they both hug each other. The judges give them a perfect ten meaning they won gold. Josee upon hearing this screams in anger and storms out while Harold follows her telling her more useless facts as she screams in anger again.


“Upon receiving their gold medals Jacques pulls Dakota into another passionate kiss. They then pull away and smile for the cameras. As this is happening Sam makes his way onto the ice.

“Dakota, Dakota…” he called.

“Sam?” she asked shocked.

“Dakota i am so sorry that i broke up with you…you were awesome…please can you give me another chance?” he asks.

“Sam…have those video games finally fried your brain…you broke my heart…its a little too late…i’ve moved on” she replies motioning towards Jacques.

“Yes why don’t you do yourself a favor and get lost before you embarrass yourself any further” Jacques says.

I agree with Jacques.Why did it take a year for you to realize this now, especially when you told her to move on? Hypocrite much? Also lolz Jacques lost his accent.

“Oh…okay” Sam says putting his head down and sulking away. Dakota then turns back Jacques.

“Thank you for fixing my broken heart” Dakota says.

“And zhank you for ‘elping me regain my confidence…je t’aime Dakota” he says

“je t’aime aussi Jacques” She replies as they kiss again as confetti rains down on them.

Tbh this fanfiction isn’t that horrible, but it’s pretty much a Lifetime cliche Wattpad shipping fanfiction.I mean, the loop-holes thrown all over just for the sake of fitting into this OTP fanfiction are pretty strange, but at least there’s no lemons or disturbing fetishes like most teen fits.Eh.I ignored the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary to be nice, but Siren needs to work on word tenses and choices.Her capitalization is okay but could be improved.And,this is important, she really needs to use commas and periods more often and correctly.The big paragraphs are filled with run on sentences and misplaced modifiers.Oh, and a few double negatives.

Other than that, I have no probs.See you next time, folks.


Futile Fanfiction #3: A Slow Descent

The first bad fanfiction was about a crazy guy.The second was about characters turned into OCS so the writer could make a excuse for her disturbing writing.And the third one, which I’m about to review? Well, just look at this picture.

Lol; she can't take constructive criticism.

Lol; she can’t take constructive criticism.

Yes,yes,yes! This is a fanfiction with a Mary-Sue.This originally was supposed to be the fourth fanfiction, since I have the original third one in a WIP stage cause it has lots of words and chapters,but I’ll be reviewing short fanfictions to repay for the lack of posts until I finish the other one.It’s also with South Park and a Mary-Sue, btw.

Let’s begin.

Surprisingly, the intro of this fanfiction is pretty canon to the show; it starts off with a argument and swear words.I actually kinda liked this…until we get to the new student part.

The kids don’t know which gender the new kid is because their name (Charlie) is unisexual.I like how Mr.Garrison refers to them as “it”.Anyway, it’s revealed that Charlie is a rather pretty and smart girl which gets all the boys to go crazy for her.And, yes, for anyone who is wondering, the same thing will go down in the mega fanfiction I have in store. -Sigh-

Of course, in the playground, the guys are looking for our dear Charlie.However; they have no luck finding her, and when one of them (Kyle) finds her, they aren’t paying attention.Kyle walks up to her, says hi, and she responds with……three dots! Because this is not only a cliff-hanger, but the end of the first chapter.

At the start of the next chapter, Charlie shows the first sign of being a Mary Sue by having the shy, quiet aura around her.After talking a bit, Kyle asks Charlie why she got braces, and just when the reason was about to be answered…the bell rings.I’ve read a lot of Mary Sue and “sad” sob story fanfictions, so obviously this will end up in “so sad I cri everi tiem” moment where she talks about the OH TOTALLY NOT CLICHE BACKSTORI.Seriously, if a character gets interrupted a lot when they try to talk about a certain subject, in almost every fanfiction does it keep happening until the climax.Why? Because the writer can’t find any other way to get readers to keep on reading, and because that subject has the most cliche backstory ever.

Btw, is it just me, or is it that every time there’s a Mary Sue in a South Park FanFiction, she ends up with Kyle, while Kenny’s perverted, suddenly Wendy didn’t exist and Stan only wanted the Mary Sue, and Eric is automatically the backstabbing bitch? Oh, and the girls (Usually just Wendy) hate poor Mary Sue for no reason!

You know…

Other than the fact that she knew Wendy and Stan were together and she seduced Stan into her arms? And has no remorse for her actions?

OFC, the boys talk about inviting Charlie to their lunch table and they do it.Btw, before this, we get typical OOC Wendy (Cause the creators aren’t rabid fangirl Tweens and would never create something like this.) being a bitch clique.


At lunch, it’s the typical Mary Sue scene where the female protagonist is crowded by all the boys cause she is loved by all the boys.Anyway, it’s revealed that Charlie ended up with braces cause…..damn, her teeth were messed up as hell.

Blah,blah,blah, Tweek is acting a bit crazy and tries to have a conversation with Charlie, but she gets creeped out and tries to bounce.She goes on the bus and is taken to her stop (Was there even a point of going on the bus? The way that “scene” is written it look like she lives half a block from the school.She is about to walk off the bus and scroll down the road with Kyle, but she is tapped on the shoulder by…Tweek! And there’s a cliff hanger for the next chapter.

Except that this is the last chapter and this fanfiction hasn’t been touched since July 5th, 2005.Yep, a decade.The person made another story (Of another show that I have not idea what it is) in 2006, but that’s it.I’m guessing around the end of 2006 the person either finally grew out of the middle school fangirl era n cringed all the way, moved to another fanfiction site, or forgot the account info to log in.Either way, thank God.

I’ll have more reviews up soon, sorry for the lack of updates.I’ve been working on that big fanfiction I have for you guys.


Isn’t my new theme beautiful?


Futile Fanfiction #2: The Queen’s Revenge

Futile Fanfiction is back with another fanfiction that is futile!

Starting now, I’ll be reviewing one shots or short fanfictions.No offense,but I can’t deal with the long ones.

I’ll also be putting paragraphs and responding to them, so my viewers won’t have to do it themselves and cringe to death.The paragraphs from the fanfiction will be in bold and italics, btw.So no confusion happens.

Guess what I did? I searched up “tmnt incest fanfiction donatello” in Google just to find the first one that made me cringe.It happened to be “The Queen’s Revenge” by crazycatlady713.Who really likes TMNT.

Let’s begin?


“It doesn’t move like that, Case.”

“It’s called experimenting, Donnie.”

“It’s called being stupid. Put it back.”

With an eyeroll and an agitated sigh, Casey returned the black plastic piece from whence it came.

Teaching Casey Jones was proving a most arduous and frustrating task, and Donatello mentally sung the praises of Roosevelt High School’s faculty for the saint-like patience they undoubtedly possessed. He rarely listened and seemed to screw up deliberately in a childish attempt to rouse Donnie’s ire who, more often than not, wanted nothing more than to throttle him.

The extracurricular activities however, made it all worthwhile.

“How many times do I have to tell you?,” he continued. “A pawn can only move two spaces it’s first time.”

Casey tapped an index finger against his chin as he considered Donnie’s admonition. “Yeah, that makes sense. I seem to recall you coming twice your first time, too.”

“Pssh. You’re so immature, Casey,” Donnie retorted, though he couldn’t hide the heat that quickly rose to his cheeks at the reminder of the auspicious event. “Now will you please pay attention? You may actually learn a thing or two.”

“Like what? How to die of boredom?”

“No, smartass. Like how to strategize and keep your wits about you while in the midst of combat.”

Um…wow, never thought I see the day where Donnie would “smart ass”.I mean, it’s like this comment was from Raphael in disguise.I know people can snap, but damn. ._.

“Eh, I already know all that junk. Watch.” With that, Casey quickly moved his rook into position and claimed Donnie’s queen. “See? While you were busy preachin’ I was busy plottin’, and now I got your M.V.P. Now watch what we do with the spoils of war over in Jones Land!”

He plucked his own knight from the board and pounded it violently against the captured white queen. “Oh yeah!,” he squealed in a ridiculous, high-pitched falsetto. “Give it to me hard with that huge horse cock, Sir Cums-a-Lot! Ooooh!”

Suddenly, Casey became dirty minded and a teenage boy in heat.

He then lifted his bishop into the air and held it aloft before him. “You want in on this too, padre? I bet you’re sick of fucking altar boys, huh? ‘S alright, I hear ya.” Looking his opponent squarely in the eye as he slammed his pieces over and over again onto the queen, Casey smiled smugly. “How you like my strategizin’ now, Donnie? I call this little military maneuver the ‘Eiffel Tower’, heh.”

“I bet you’re sick of fucking altar boys”

“I bet you’re sick of fucking altar boys”

“sick of fucking altar boys”

Nonplussed, Donnie calmly retrieved the pieces from Casey’s grasp and returned them to their vacated squares. “Stop sexually assaulting your P.O.W.s and play the damn game, would you? And your troops are in flagrant violation of the Treaty of Westphalia, by the way.”

Thank you.

“Heh, good to see you taking losin’ so well.”

“Uh, who says I’m losing?”

“The growing number of your pieces now in my possession, that’s who,” Casey answered, running a hand over the pile of white chess pieces before him.

“You’re awfully sure of yourself. What if I were to propose a little wager?,” Donnie asked, placing a hand on a scabbed knee peaking tantalizingly from a hole in his lover’s torn jeans.

“…I’m listening.”

“If I win, I do whatever I want to you. And if you win, you do whatever you want to me. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds like a win-win to me,” he responded, extending his hand. “Let’s shake on it.”

Taking the hand proffered him, Donnie pulled him in close. “I knew you’d say that.”

He sidled over to Casey’s side and kissed him deeply, cupping the back of his head with one hand and sliding the other up the worn and faded denim to rub against his inner thigh. Closer and closer he crept towards his beloved’s bulge, which sprang instantly to life beneath his touch.

Did April suddenly die? Or, should I say,not exist? Like, how did Donnie suddenly become gay? Or Casey? I’m pretty sure April is a perfect example on just to show that they’re straight.Besides that, they freaking hate each other to death.No love, or sexual intentions in it.It’s like Raphael and Leonardo.There is no way for them to be a couple in a cannon way.Not only are they brothers, but there’s a high sibling rivalry.I mean, look at all the episodes where Raphael rages because Leonardo is the leader.I mean, even though it should’ve been Mickey and Leo having sibling rivalry since the people who has their names which were artist did….but nice to not be generic, whoever created TMNT.

Not to mention that horrible translation.Oh, and the fact that the socially awkward “geek” is saying this.Yes, cause the person who couldn’t even make out a sentence to his ACTUAL crush without stuttering or blushing could suddenly becoming a lust-filled dominant stud.

I have to change traits to make my fanfiction! +1 (Term used when a fanfiction writer completely 360’s a character’s trait just for a excuse for their fanfiction to make even 2% sense.)

Casey,” he whispered into his ear. “I want you to take your clothes off. Tout suite.” “I think you’re gettin’ just a little ahead of yourself,” Casey said with a smile. “But who am I to argue?”

Watching him disrobe was a tempting sight that caught the attention of Donnie’s own member. It hardened uncomfortably from within his lower plastron as Casey tossed his clothes aside, finally bursting forth when the hockey player relinquished his skull-emblazoned boxers to the pile. The heady, musky scent that filled his nostrils then, an irresistible combination of sweat and sex, was so intense, so quintessentially Casey…it made Donnie’s already rock hard cock ache with desire, and he wondered for not the first time what he ever saw in April. Casey fell back against the well-trod throw rug, erection firmly in hand.

Yes, because April totally treats him like shit and is a nasty skank.I mean, it’s not like she tries to help him when he asks, or protects him, heck, even tries to be a little helper for him.And, it’s not like Casey hates Donatello with all the wrath in his soul.And Casey is not straight.I mean, how could you think that? It’s not like he was trying to get April to have romantic feelings for him.

I have to change traits to make my fanfiction! +2 (Term used when a fanfiction writer completely 360’s a character’s trait just for a excuse for their fanfiction to make even 2% sense.)

“You just gonna sit there lookin’ pretty or what?,” he asked, idly stroking his own dick.

“One can garner a variety of useful life lessons from the game of chess,” Donnie began, looking down at his anxious partner and gliding an adoring hand across his well-toned abs. “The first being patience.”

He took a moment to admire the boy’s beautifully defined body then; Those eyes, a deep caramel brown that stared longingly into his own, the silken black hair encircling each luscious nipple, the long, muscular legs spread in anticipation of what was to come. He descended with passionate fervor upon his length finally, a soft moan escaping Casey’s lips.

“King takes bishop,” Donnie remarked with a slurp.

“Mmmm. You can take whatever you want, your majesty,” Casey breathlessly remarked, his calloused fingers entangled in the tails of Donnie’s signature purple domino mask.

Donnie did just that and took his balls in a firm grip as he continued to suck, administering the occasional squeeze. Emboldened by his partner’s steadily increasing moans, he pulled the delectable member free from his mouth with a wet pop and hastily replaced it with the tender sack, soft as down. Casey’s thigh muscles tensed noticeably on either side of Donnie’s head as he bit down upon the sensitive region, gently at first, then again hard enough to elicit a yelp from it’s owner.

“Ahhh! What the fuck, Donnie!?,” Casey hissed through clenched teeth. “You tryna crack my fuckin’ nuts?”

“That’s no way to speak to your king, lowly serf,” Donnie said as he pulled himself up onto his knees. “Keep up this insubordination and you’ll be spending the night in the stocks.” He reached into the pouch at his belt that housed his smoke bombs and retrieved the small bottle of massage oil stored there.

“Ew, really?,” Casey remarked, his face contorted with mock disgust. “You keep that in with your ninja stuff? Slut.”

Said the guy who is about to preform a taboo because a girl won’t notice his feelings.

Oh the irony! +1 (Pointing to the term of a hypocrisy or statements that have to do with looking down of someone when so said down looker is doing the same or similar thing.)

“Second lesson,” Donnie explained as he poured the cherry-scented liquid onto his palm. “Preparation is vital to one’s success.”

“Eh, can’t argue with that logic,” Casey said offhandedly as he rose to assume the position on his hands and knees.

“No, wait,” Donnie said, planting a firm hand on the boy’s chest. “Stay on your back this time. I want to see you.”

Casey shrugged as he lay back down, and received an appreciative kiss for acquiescing so readily. He winced and shut his eyes tight as Donnie’s sodden fingertips breached his entrance, an image the genius relished. Watching the teenager writhe and pant beneath him, his eyelids flutter and his tongue dart out from between missing teeth to moisten dry lips as he was being fingered made Donnie feel powerful, made him want to fuck Casey till the teen cried ecstatic, transcendent tears like a devout disciple seeing the face of God…

da fuk

“Ask me nicely to fuck you, peasant,” Donnie said suddenly, surprising even himself with the uncharacteristically aggressive command.

“Uncharacteristically aggressive command”

I’m dying inside.I really am.I can’t stop.This is the most ironic thing I’ve ever seen in a fanfiction.Lmao.Yes, this is the one thing that isn’t in characterization of Donatello. Not the sudden homosexuality, or hate love relationship, or dirty talking, or even lust.But this, this is the one thing out of characterization.

That’s pretty out of character; not the (insert bizarre NON-TRAIT that is believed to be in characterization) +1(Thrown into the review when the author, main character, or another character notices something out of place in a certain person’s personality besides the 500+ else wrong.)

“Pretty fuckin’ please with a cherry on top,” he responded sardonically.

At least there’s not basic words and the author has good vocabulary.

Thank you for that vocabulary.+1(When a author has good vocabulary, it helps to make it more serious and distract you if the writing is a bit cringy.)

Donnie hoisted his legs up, admiring the lovely ass he was about to ravage for a brief moment. He kneaded the soft white globes, which stood in stark contrast to the rest of his beautifully bronzed skin. Reeling back as far as he could he let fly a hard slap across a cheek, the sound reverberating all throughout the silent lair. He slapped the other cheek, harder this time still, causing Casey to gasp in response. He offered no further resistance however, prompting Donnie to slap the stinging, reddened flesh some more.

He leaned back after a while to admire his handiwork; the boy’s glorious backside a lurid patchwork of crimson-colored welts, like so many bloody handprints across a snowy landscape, was a perverse beauty like none he’d ever seen before. His cock practically vibrated in anticipation of wrecking his lover’s savaged flesh even further.

Bloody handprints? So he’s bleeding all over his Gluteus Maximus? And you think that’s a masterpiece; brutalizing a person to gore like features? Um…wow.

“Donnie, please,” Casey softly whined, his calves resting on Donnie’s shoulders quivering. “C’mon man, I need you…”

“That’s more like it,” Donnie purred, lining up the tip of his dick with the boy’s all too willing hole.

He rammed it in without preamble then, slamming over and over into Casey hard enough to make the boy’s entire body jolt from the impact. Pulling out almost completely only to drive it back in again, his fingernails leaving crescent moon-shaped fissures where they bit into his thighs. He leaned forward and placed both hands on either side of Casey’s head then, pounding into him as he bit down on his lower lip hard enough to draw blood.

Casey beat his dick furiously while holding the leg of the coffee table upon which the chessboard sat in a white knuckle grip, his eyes darting wildly about. He turned the air blue with obscenities as Donnie plowed into him, faster and deeper than he ever had before. His moans and Donnie’s churrs co-mingled with the wet, frantic slap of flesh upon flesh, shattering the once peaceful silence.

“Oh fuck, Donnie,” he panted, crossing his ankles behind his lover’s neck as he came. “God fuckin’ damn…”


And suddenly, their hatred for each other became love out of the blue.+1(It’s so awkward,having a pair going from trying to kill each other become bootiful yaoi but continuity doesn’t exist zzz!!!!!)

Finally, Donnie saw it; catching the scant light afforded the lovers by the room’s single lamp sat a single tear, shimmering in the corner of Casey’s eye. He watched as it slid down his face and melded seamlessly into the halo of dark tresses surrounding his profusely sweating head. He came hard then, emptying his load into the rapidly panting Casey with a roar.

Surprisingly, “melded” is actually a word and not a typo.

Thank you for that vocabulary.+2(When a author has good vocabulary, it helps to make it more serious and distract you if the writing is a bit cringy.)

Extricating himself from his lover, Donatello couldn’t hide the satisfied smirk that bloomed upon his face at the sight of Casey hastily wiping away his tears with the heel of his palm.

Ahab finally caught his white whale.

Who is Ahab? We’ll never know.


“You okay?,” he asked tenderly as he stroked his hair, Casey busily wiping the spunk from his chest with his discarded drawers.

“Your bo isn’t the only staff you know how to wield, that’s for damn sure,” he replied after a while, pulling on his tattered jeans and rifling through the front pocket for the crumpled pack of cigs. 

Herr,herr,herr how funni

Donnie looked away as he blushed.

…Yes….this is the one thing that you should blush at.I honestly, not to be rude, but thought this was a troll fic when I first saw this.I just…couldn’t take this seriously.Even with the proper grammar and wise vocabulary bank, this is just so incorrectly cringy in plot and characterization wise that I felt woozy.In fact, had the grammar and vocabulary not be rich, I would’ve ignored this fanfiction and look for another one cause I would’ve confused this for a troll.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Casey continued, taking a long drag off his post-coital smoke. “I always get off when we’re together, but you’re always so calm and gentle, like you’re holdin’ back. This time was just…wow. Chess really brings out the beast in you, huh? Speaking of which, we should probably finish playing. Kinda forgot about it, actually.”

“The game ended a long time ago,” Donnie responded with authority. “I won.”

“Don’t you remember, Casey? That rematch that we TOTALLY did before we poked? Or, better said, had no point in being in this fanfiction if it wasn’t going to be mentioned ever again?,” Donatello asked and then stated, while looking at the mirror nearby to see what he’d become.

“…The hell you talkin’ about?”

“I’m talking about the third and most important lesson,” he said as he resumed his turn and retrieved a piece from the board. “Foresight.”

Bounding effortlessly over the paltry platoon came Donnie’s white knight, careening into the king’s square and sending the tiny plastic monarch toppling to it’s side with a dramatic flourish.

“Checkmate,” he said pompously.

“I demand a rematch,” Casey replied, a single eyebrow raised.

Donnie again felt compelled to simply sit back and stare at the glorious creature sitting cross-legged on the floor before him, at his tousled hair, the tight black jeans slung low on his narrow hips and the cigarette dangling precariously from the edge of his lip. He was a veritable modern day James Dean and ruggedly beautiful, though Casey would no doubt bristle at the compliment. And he was, Donnie knew, all his for the taking.

“That can be arranged,” he responded with a grin.


You see, this fails, yet succeeds in a weird way.The grammar, vocabulary bank, and description is very nice; crazycatlady713 made me feel like I was there.Even though I wouldn’t want to, it shows that she skills in descriptive and intelligent writing.However….she does fail in backstory and characterization.She needs to work better in continuity, especially cause this is from a show, and the history that characters have before we hear about their life in fanfiction.

Idk about writing, but she would make a good book editor or grammar teacher.Idk about literature in reading and essays and stuff, but defiantly in the part of descriptive ELA.Oh, and I mean teaching grammar or literature in college/universities,btw.

Really, though, she really sparks in grammar and descriptive writing! Just need to work on plot and characterization.

Btw, after the first futile review, I’ve been trying to seem nicer.After all, I seemed to review “Yandere Love” is a insensitive, bitter way.As of now, I will give equal positive, negative, and neutral thoughts on anything I review.After all; negativity isn’t the only way to review.


Oh, I’m in school now, so if I don’t post as frequently as I used to it’s cause I’m looking for high schools or doing loads of homework.

ciao (for real lel)


Some little brats kept acting like wild animals on Roblox and harassed me for no reason,Lol, go back to your parents and waste their money.

Here’s some pictures of their savagery.

Typical spoiled brats on Roblox.

Typical spoiled brats on Roblox.

Futile Fanfiction #1: Yandere Love

Oh boy wasn’t this a fun one.

I recall reading this fanfiction only my laptop a long time ago before now,About, I’d say, two or three times? I just couldn’t believe how weird this was.It was so idiotic that I considered this as a troll.But, sadly, this is meant to be serious.I mean, the loop holes, cliches, and alternative endings….it’s like she took Deviantart, Weaboos, Wattpad, and smashed it into a ball with anime and Vocaloid.I’m not really a fan of Japanese cartoons or music, but there are some Vocaloid songs I like, and I was a humongous weaboo back then, so I would be bound to understand the references (lol no life) that the author made.

Speaking of, this is made by RoseyR, who REALLY REALLY REALLY likes Vocaloid.

Oh, and why don’t we all look at this.

Oh, the irony!

Oh, the irony!

Let’s see: Rosey feels uncomfortable about twincest, yet is a fangirl of RinXLen and selfcest.Dislikes Yaoi, yet gloats about Yuri.Hates selfcest of Len….but likes selfcest of win? Oh, and can’t stand Len with anybody but Rin, but has no problem with anybody with Rin.Let’s all just sink in that first paragraph I drew around and last paragraph I drew around.Gotta love the nonsense logic in those two paragraphs.I also like how she only likes Len with Rin but has no problem with Rin and someone else.Oh, and yaoi is nasty….BUT KAWAII SUGOI ANIME GIRL KISS SCENE IS SUPA CUTE AND KAWAII SUGOI DESU!!!

But you guys don’t want to keep seeing her profile, so let’s begin.

It begins with Len talking about all the things he’s seen his love interest, Rin, do whenever he “follows” (Yeah sure) her.We then are given a flashback on how he met her; she was a new student at his university.He thinks she’s cute, and after a conversation,she talks to the other people.And then he gets mad and….

Wtf? I can’t even.I’m just going to pretend like I didn’t even see that.I have no words.

Anyway, in the present, Rin is talking to Miku, who is hated by Len for no other reason then that she’s talking to his “angel”.Um, I think you mean the girl you talked to for a minute and has a LIFE OF HER OWN?

Miku tells Rin about Kaito, jokes around with her “liking” him, and that she should give him a try.Len is raging in the background and says that Miku needs to punish because Rin is his, and that she’s forcing Kaito onto Rin.Um, for someone who really likes Rin, you sure are aloof.I mean, you have barely talked to her.

Anyway, he talks to Rin like she was a random person and shops around for Miku’s punishment.Um, why is she being punished? I believe when he talked to her was the first time she ever saw him.So, she wouldn’t even know about your crush….? I’m a bit confused on that.Why would she be at fault if she never even knew about Len, never mind his crush.Then again, RoseyR’s other fanfictions have plot holes just like this one.

Later, we are given Miku’s point of view and its revealed that she has romantic feelings of Rin, but unlike Len, she ACTUALLY likes Rin and wouldn’t mind about Kaito and Rin dating if Rin’s HAPPY.See? Len doesn’t “love” or “like” Rin, he’s mentally obsessive with her.If he really likes her, he wouldn’t rage.Cause he would want what makes her happy, cause when you like someone you RESPECT THEIR CHOICE.

Clearly, this guy is just your typical bad guy you’ll find in a Lifetime movie that claims he likes the protagonist, yet can’t like her enough to have her choose her own decisions and romantic decisions.Yes, cause killing everyone she looks at for a freaking second will make you closer to her and not have the cops on you.

Anyway, after the adorable flashback on how Rin and Miku met, she hears someone knocking on the door, and she opens the door to find Len who has a knife.However, he doesn’t take it out yet.

He starts whining about her taking Rin from him (Cause playing around with your friend about a boy you know likes her and not about the antagonist who you never actually met up until now and you didn’t even know that he likes her is totally talking her away.Logic fail.) and stabs her.

Anyway, after killing her, he gloats about how she took Rin away (-_-), he gloats because now he can talk to Rin without “annoying” Miku in the way.Um…wow.I mean, I guess you could’ve gone to her FREAKING HOUSE SINCE YOU KNOW HER SO MUCH YOU DOUCHEBAG AND TALKED TO HER, but RoseyR needed a generic reason for a death.Lovely.

Anyway, the next day, Len heads to school (University.) to talk to Rin.Um, in the beginning he said he stalked  her for many years, and if he met her in a later year of university, they should be in their late twenties for early thirties? Which means that this all should’ve been in the past tense or flashback? Continuity fail.

Anyway, Rin brings up Miku and wanting to check up with her, and Len blatantly shouts “no” and that he would do it, to which Rin says how “nice” of him.Heh, yeah, “nice”.

Later that day, Rin bumps into Kaito; of course Len is watching cause plot troll logic is troll.Anyway, Len is all raging cause someone is talking to his angel.Who is his angel? You know, the girl that he has talked to three times now (concluded by how the story is written) and has no respect on her choices and relationships to the point where he is obsessive? He might as well just kill Rin’s parents.They talk to his angel OMG!!! I mean they’ve obviously known her better but OMG HE’S ONLY ALLOWED TO TALK TO HER!

After Len goes to Miku’s house and hides her body, because cliche moment to move the plot, Neru and her friends find the bag containing Miku while Neru and her friends were hiking in the forest.She tells this to Kirameki, a detective, and its revealed that no one else has been told.

Anyway because plot needed to be moved, instead of, you know, asking to be brought to the body so fingerprints on the body left by the killer can be examined and used when they get suspects and do a fingerprint check, or I don’t know, even wondering who the people that she talked to hours before her death, she tells Neru to tell Rin about Miku’s death,Oh, and Kira just sits there wondering about stuff instead of DOING THEM.


Anyway, news gets spread around about Miku’s death even though I’m pretty sure only Rin was informed and she would be too much in a fragile spot to spread rumors, and she wouldn’t even spread rumors in the FIRST PLACE.

Len catches Rin and Kaito talking because plot needed to be rised up, and is mad that Kaito is telling Rin that Len is obviously the killer and is the only person that had the motive and was around her at the time of her death.Not to mention the blatant fidget when Rin suggested going to Miku’s house.Um, I’m with Kaito.You’re freaking defanged.You’d not be a good suggestion to cheer her up.You would just show that you’re the killer

Anyway, while Len was freaking zoning in on Rin and Kaito, the detective saw the whole thing and actually didn’t just sit there when the answer was right there, which really shocked me the first time I read this.After all, I thought she was there just for a OC to get fifteen minutes of fame.

Sadly, our hearts are broken cause she falls in love with Len just to move the plot forward.Not surprised that she would be interrupted, but very surprised that she would be interrupted by developing a crush on him.



Anyway Rin saw this cause cliche moment and talks about Len having a crush.I like how RoseyR stalks about Rin being obvious to his crush.Yes, cause there are only like, seven other girls besides Rin in the school.And yes, Rin can notice Ken talking to Kira but not him stalking her and raging at any conversation she has that’s not with others,Troll logic is troll.

Anyway, Kaito feels bad for Rin and wonders why he is the only one who notices how much of a psycho Len is and why everyone is wondering who killed Miku when the answer is right there on a silver plate.

I feel the same, Kaito.

Len is walking around and sees Kaito asking Rin out.You know, for someone who had A WHOLE LOT OF OPPORTUNITIES TO FREAKING MAKE A MOVE, he sure is a background character.OMG, wow…..Rin is happy….

You know, if he really liked her, he would be a bit sad but wish for what makes Rin happy.Yeah…this is why Rin doesn’t notice you, “kouhai”.You can’t just watch someone from afar and then get mad when someone else makes a move.I mean, no was was in your way to begin with, you just never attempted to try and make a move…

So, Len goes into denial and thinks that Rin just pities Kaito (Like how she does with you, Len?) and decides to kill him for no reason other than that he actually made his move and wouldn’t be selfish like Len.Wow.

Kira then comes by and, instead of noting down that Len is watching Rin and Kaito’s conversations again and using that as a connection to Miku’s death and showing that he has the most motive out of all the suspects and is the most skeptical, tries to ask him on a date.However, the bell rings and he has to go to class.

Good thing she attempted to have a romantic relationship with him instead of doing her job!


Anyway, later Kaito and Rin are on a date, and it ends with a kiss.Why no noticed Len watching them in a obvious and questionable way, well because plot needed to be moved on,

Sadly, Kaito is later strangled and stabbed in the heart by Len.

I like how she ends the point of views when someone dies.Yes, cause the last thoughts would be about the person talking about being consumed by talking.Sadly, the deaths after Kaito’s end mostly with being taken by darkness.

Anyway, Rin cries about Kaito and Len comes and acts concerned.She thinks Len is going to die soon since  the people that Rin cares about keeps dying.Why the detective didn’t conclude Len as the killer since he had stalked Kaito talking to Rin twice, and he was the only one who came to Miku’s house at the time and was MALE LIKE NERU DESCRIBED,no one knows.Oh, yeah, to keep the plot going.

Rin invites Len to her apartment and is later seen talking about her art with Len.One piece is yet to be finished because she couldn’t bring it to continue with her art when two people dear to her were killed maliciously.

Anyway, Len ends up kissing Rin and he goes a bit too “south”.She tells him to put a leash on it (In a nice way) cause she’s not ready, and Len feels bad.He doesn’t want to hurt his angel, he said,Yes, cause you totally didn’t hurt her by killing her best friend and possible love interest.

Um, why does she suddenly have feelings for Len? I recall her thinking of him as a classmate, maybe a good friend.She seemed to be interested in Kaito, and she WAS, even though Rosey wrote it different so she could keep her beloved kawaii desu pair.Please, at least make the characters show a specific sign when you do these stuff so the readers don’t think otherwise.

Anyway, Kira FINALLY does her job and questions Len, even though she didn’t have a huge thought and just wondered.Cause, you know, its just to happily assume that someone who had stalked a duet twice, in front of you, who also was the last person to meet Miku and not only was there around the time of her death, but matched the description by a witness.Your boss really needs to fire you, Kira.

Ignoring the fact that the killer was male and if only two suspects are left (Kaito died) it would automatically lead to Len and he had bigger motives since she caught him glaring at Kaito talking to Rin, she talks to Len about Rin cause apparently all that evidence points to Rin being the prime suspect.Why must fanfiction writers do this? Make all the characters ignore the obvious mastermind who’s twerking in neon clothes on a humongous silver plate filled with lights and music? That’s literally how obvious Len is the killer.Whatever.

After getting out of that conversation, Len catches Rin talking to Teto and Neru, who are cheering her up and letting her know that they’re there for her.Guess what? More people dying! Cause cheering someone up after they’re going depressed because you’re such a obsessive idiot that you think killing two people dearly important to them will make your love interest happy is totally a reason for Teto and Neru to die.

Now Rin doesn’t need friends.Um, how are you making her happy by taking any chance of joy she can have? If you saw how mad she was at the apartment, why would you continue this? I really thought this was a troll the first time I read this because the logic, plot holes, and cliche moments were that poorly thought of.Oh, and continuity is so off on this on.

Blah blah blah blah, death.

Kira than comes by and asks Len, since she SAW him walking by a few seconds before Neru and Teto’s deaths, if he saw anyone.Um, how about why he was there? And why the same thing happened for Miku and why he kept listening into Kaito and Rin’s conversations? Or better yet, if he can tell her boss to fire her since she is the slowest unobservant detective ever shown? Oh wait, that’s right, Rosey needed a excuse to keep Len killing without getting caught until the climax.
Anyway, Kira has a conversation with Len about how she knows he’s the killer, she has evidence and he not only never cleaned up or take off his traces, but fit the description of late Neru’s story and has the most motive.Not to mention that there’s cameras at the university and he would always be around the victims at the time of their death and he skipped school the day Miku was found, and came home late when he killed her.She also took pictures of him stalking Rin and Kaito and Neru and Teto.She just acted like a fool in love so she could catch him in the act using it as a advantage.

She also knew that he poisoned the tea since the living room is right there in front of the open kitchen and lets him know that the cops are outside, waiting for her to say “Lovely, dear.” She then says this and the cops come and arrest him, where he is sent to Prison.


Instead, she confesses her feelings and continues to drink the tea despite it having a very atrocious after taste even though its supposed to be the sweet kind! Good job Kira.You had ONE job.

Because Kira is a idiot, she ends up getting poisoned, and Len belittles her.Funny how he talks about how Kira would hurt Rin’s feelings..Um, pretty sure you did when you killed anyone important to her? Yeah…..the fact that he had to spread it out for her is kinda sad.I mean, when the killer could catch himself better than you, the “best” detective in the town, that’s just so depressing.

Now, everyone confirms that there’s a serial killer in the university and are panicking,Um, how come the crime agency didn’t run to Len? After all, they would’ve known that she was going to investigate him, a SUSPECT, who was ironically around when MIKU WAS FOUND, whenever Kaito talked to Rin,and when Neru and Teto died? Why didn’t the police station look at the university’s cameras? Or put a connection on the description Neru had gave them on the killer? Did that suddenly get washed away in the black hole of no continuity?

Rin is petrified that a killer is on the loose, and thanks Len for comforting her instead of wondering why out of all her close friends, Len is the only one alive and why he always pops up when she’s talking to the people that are soon to die.

Anyway, Rin reveals at the last minute cause plot needed to move on that her friends from America are visiting.OMG! She has BFFS? WOW THAT IS SOOOOO BAD THEY NEED TO DIE WOW MUCH SENSE 10/10 FOR YOU LEN CAUSE THAT IS A SIN!!!

After that moment, they head to ART class.Let’s all just look at the picture below.

Can you count all the errors in this picture kids?

Can you count all the errors in this picture kids?

Look, a weaboo moment! First of all, since art isn’t really a subject, she should either be called “Shido-in” or “Shihan”.Maybe Kyoshi.Second of all, you don’t call teachers with their last name in Japan, never mind first name.Even if you do, since sometimes they allow it, the last name needs to be first.Meaning, “Sakine-Shido-in” Or “Sakine-Kyoshi”.In college, it wouldn’t be “Sakine-senpai”.

Second of all, what is up with the improper name use? In Japan, you don’t use the first name or both unless you’re good friends with the person or you’re introducing yourself.Meiko should’ve thought, “Kagamine”.And why are there textbooks in Art? That you READ? I understand if it’s a “how to” or book report, but art class is not supposed to be for work as if it was a major class.Just saying.

Last but not least, I like how suddenly now a person besides Kaito realizes what’s up with Len.Why Rosey showed Meiko’s point of view if she was never going to be shown again is beneath me.

After classes, Rin and Len pick up Rin’s friends from America, Luka,Piko, and Oliver.Well, they’re all from Japan excluding Oliver, but came to America cause background story needed more juice.All three friends boast about missing Rin and Len is butthurt that Rin has a social life.For someone who loves Rin, you sure want her to be isolated.

Now he has three more victims on his list cause he is a rager! Lovely.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and Rin’s friends are still alive because she’s around them 24/7 and Len is so fake that he has to wait till they’re separated because he wants Rin to believe in his lies.

Rin asks Len to let Piko stay at his house for a while (We know what’s coming) because Piko did something to not be able to stay at the hotel he was supposed to be at.Of course, this is just a excuse to have Piko killed and the climax to start soon.

Len waits for Rin and Piko (She picked him up) and kisses Rin at the top of her head when they arrive.He believed that he saw Piko in a jealous state.

After Rin leaves to look upon Luka and Oliver, Len starts a conversation with Piko and he hints jealously once again.

Piko talks about how he met Rin, and reveals to Len that he had a crush on her.And then we get this.

Boy, did Rosey have fun with this one.

Boy, did Rosey have fun with this one.

Wow….um…what a descriptive way to die.

So, the next chapter’s intro is so frustrating that I wanted to jump into the fanfiction and throw Len into police custody since everyone else in this story to this point are unobservant idiots.

Um, how did he try to steal Rin from you? By telling you that he wants Rin to be happy and that he hopes you’ll treat her right? That’s pretty much letting you win there, bud.

Anyway, Luka and Oliver visit (This is why everyone has been unobservant so we could receive a long due climax) and Len blatantly throws himself suspiciously, which Luka and Oliver pick up cause, yes, THEY ACTUALLY USE THEIR BRAIN.

Luka and Oliver look around for Piko, who is found by Luka snooping around.Luka also finds the baseball bat, and quickly concludes Len as a serial killer.Why? Because unlike almost every person in this story, Luka  connects things together and note on red flags,you know, like Kira should’ve done? Honestly, Kira’s job shoudlve called Luka over,She would’ve been able to call Len out from the get go.Oh, but the plot wouldn’t be able to progress! Silly me, thinking that logic would be in a fanfiction based on robotic voices.

The next day, Luka, Oliver, Rin, and Len head to a restaurant to eat, and yes, Luka has the common sense to tell Oliver and talk about calling the police instead of using a excuse like Kira.

Oliver, because he’s not a generic idiot, believes her.Why? Cause he actually uses common sense and knows that this wouldn’t be joked about.

Luka and Oliver plan on Rin being told when Len is not around, since he’ll most likely kill every single person around him.Len, not turning from a intelligent mastermind to a unobservant generic antagonist like in a Lifetime movie, realizes how strange they’re acting, and notes when Luka blurts out that she’ll go with Rin to the bathroom when Rin announces about having to do the business.

Luka calmly tries to tell Rin to break up, but Rin announces that he’s sweet.You know, when he’s not barging into her conversations.After announcing about Piko dying on the hands of Len, Rin disagrees because he is too nice to ever do that, and he has no reason to kill all her friends and the detective.And there’s no evidence.

You know, besides the fact that he is her only friend from the university alive.And that when most of the people he killed were announced dead, he mentioned about either checking up with them, she knew that he had to talk with her, or that she left him with them.Oh, and that ironically he was around and always jumped in with such a jealous way whenever she talked to someone else.Awareness fail.

Luka, who actually does things that’ll keep people safe and good instead of temporarily happy, calls the police.Thank you Luka and Oliver, for having common sense and not sugar coating.

The police come, basically, a minute later and arrest Len.He will get revenge! And make Rin smile! After all, taking away any relationship, friendship or romantic, that belongs to your girlfriend and making her isolated to only look at you and fulfill your sick fantasy is totally going to make her smile.Heck, might as well kill her relatives! And anyone who has looked at her! What a thoughtful person you are, Len.

Fast forward on a couple of weeks, and Rin still hasn’t talked,Oh, and she’s not mad at her friends anymore.Yes, be mad at the people who saved you from a obsessive deranged sadistic sociopathic (psychopathic too) “follower” who would’ve ended up killing all the people you cherish and know and, heck, even you probably.Oh, but wonder about the crazy boyfriend of yours that went from killing your best friend at your university to a childhood friend and, maybe had she not met Len, a possible romantic interest.Wow, aren’t you a grateful person.Your friends could’ve just pretended to not notice the silver plate in front of them and let you die, but they actually SAVED YOU, and this is your response,Where’s the “thank you?” Or the “you saved me”? How unthoughtful.

Anyway, Rin is sad cause she loved him, you know, not that her childhood friend and basically any friend other than Luka and Oliver are dead.

After a scene of Luka and Oliver helping Rin, we get a montage of Len escaping.Why? Cause a fanfiction can not live without a tiny sprinkle of troll dust.Oh, and the news talks about it on the tv just so we can have the plot moved.Why the cops just told the news instead of even attempting to look for him, OR IDK GO TO THE ONE PERSON HE DOESNT TRY TO KILL’S HOUSE OR LOOK FOR WHERE THEY ARE???

Anyway, Luka and Oliver are panicking while Rin suggests that he might not kill them.Um….you really don’t care about your “childhood friends”, huh? Luka must’ve agreed with me, because she finally snaps at how self absorbed and delusional Rin is and tells Rin to wake up, actually care about the fact that he killed so many of her friends, and to help find a way out instead of being oblivious like usual.

The lights go out, which surprisingly are not caused by Len.He goes to a window and Rin…IS FREAKING GOING LOVEY DOVEH FOR HIM? WTF??? HE KILLED ALMOST ALL THE PEOPLE DEAR TO YOU AND YOURE GIVING HIM AFFECTION!

Well, Len tries to barge in the window and Rin is scared cause, he’ll hurt himself! You know, not that her friends will die…that she has been fooled all along…that she could’ve saved all her friends from dying…BUT HE WILL GET HURT YES THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM WOW.

Anyway, Luka and Oliver drag Rin around after Len gets in and…Oliver dies by the axe Len found.(They’re on the roof btw.)

Luka grabs Rin and walks towards the edge, cause she knows that she’ll never see Rin again if she gives her to Len.And this happened.This,THIS, made me rage.

Cause the guy you have known for like three months is more important than a long time childhood friend.

Cause the guy you have known for like three months is more important than a long time childhood friend.

Yes, this is how you repay someone who saved you from getting into a serious relationship with a psychopath that would eventually lock you down to have no social, or basically any life that doesn’t include him right in front of you 24/7.Cause, all Luka did was basically take care of you for weeks after you went depressed.And opened your eyes.But, no, clearly Len shouldn’t be hurt.All he did was, you know, kill two of your childhood friends, a romantic interest, a best friend, and two girls that had your back.Lovely.

So, after killing her childhood friend that WAS TRYING TO SAVE HER FROM A FREAKING SERIAL KILLER, Rin and Len rejoice and become a couple again.

And we get a scene from the future, where Rin and Len are a couple and suddenly no cops or agents were looking for Len.Why? Cause continuity fail.

And a couple ends up dying from Len.Of course Rin and Len never get in trouble, cause, cops and agents suddenly don’t exist, nor does the families of the victims of Rin and Len exist.

However, that is a alternative ending.In the next one, instead of being a ungrateful love bug, Rin quickly catches on how horrible Len really is and doesn’t give sympathy or affection towards him.Thank you for this version.I like this version a lot.It is, although a bit cheesy, the most reasonable one.

This time, Len finds a gun and Oliver is shot, and it takes place in the house.Oh, and Rin doesn’t kill Luka because she isn’t a selfish brat.Sadly Len shoots Luka…-sigh-

Now, instead of Rin talking about how much she loves him, Len boasts about the life they’ll have and Rin is silent because, YES, SHE HAS COMMON SENSE AND CANT BELIEVE HOW SHE WAS FOOLED!!!! Thank you, Rosey! I actually have faith in you.

So, instead of agreeing like in the first ending, Rin is disgusted on how Len would think that killing everyone she loves and knows would make her happy and…

Yay for common sense! Good job, Rin and Rosey.

Yay for common sense! Good job, Rin and Rosey.

OMG, that is totally not Rin! The real Rin would’ve been so happy to know that, you know, KILLED EVERY ONE OF HER FRIENDS.Who wouldn’t be happy! OMG, poor Len. 😦 lik if u cri ever tim

Anyway, Rin gets strangled by Len, who says that no one can have her if Rin doesn’t want Len.He said that it was another person…but I’ll let it slide since this ending actually makes sense.

Rin dies and Len stops laughing like he’s in a horror movie and tries to save her.Um, maybe you should’ve saved her when she was coughing up?

Remember how in the first ending the cops and news trying to find Len suddenly didn’t exist? Well, this time, they’ve finally got out of the black hole of no continuity and reports about the crime scene.Its later told that Len killed himself.

In the next ending, it’s basically like the one I just wrote up until he talks about the life Rin and him will have.Instead of telling Len straight, she decides to escape a rather more intelligent way by acting all affectionate and happy so Len wouldn’t notice the knife she had when she stabbed him.Gotta say, great improvement from the first ending.

Anyway, Rin goes crazy, which is also very reasonable since no she has no one to run to.The nurse keeps getting personable which causes Rin to snap and kill her.I don’t really like that ending, but it is very realistic.

The next ending.WHY.WHY ROSEY??? Why did you have to waste the talent you have? But then again, maybe it was fangirl season when you wrote the last ending.

Basically, this is different from all the other endings.Len kills Oliver and Luka in the car they were trying to escape in with Rin, who was asleep at that time.

Len takes her in, and ties her to Luka’s bed….because? Maybe Rin’s room was too far away.

Anyway, Len greets her in a very creepily way and…this happens. ._.



Wow, won’t Luka and Oliver be happy to know that while they’re in Heaven from protecting their friend, she ignored the fact that they died, and loved getting raped! Um…wow.It doesn’t seem like Rin cares about her “childhood friends” like how she infers.I mean, you completely ignored that they died.As if you were HAPPY.Kinda a bit ungrateful of you.

So, after that rape session that Rosey used to get more people to like her fanfiction for attention, they live perfectly.And Rin loves Len besides the fact that he raped her and killed almost everyone she knows besides himself.But hey, “I’m surprised it went well” is a perfect excuse.That’s….very nice Rosey.You…really wanted people to read this so you can gurgle up the attention, huh.

Anyway, we are led to a mini scene of the vocaloid arguing about Rin and Len ever having a relationship like how Meiko, who it turns out wrote this which is kinda clever, wrote as a story.You know….cause let’s ignore the beginning before some chapters end where Rin and Len clearly state that Rosey made this….rip continuity.

And surprise surprise, they are sleeping together! Good thing the IDENTICAL TWINS are having a not only twincest relationship, but also a incest one.Lovely.Guess Rosey suddenly forgot about the “I feel weird writing twincest” thing in her bio?

Furthermore, we shall look at the comments.

Lovely.Gotta love all the fans who are so happy a mentally deranged sociopathic AND psychopathic kokoro nuts going on a killing spree because it’s TOO HARD TO WALK TO RIN EVEN THOUGH U DO IT ALMOST EVERY DAY DURR

I’ll review more of her fanfictions tomorrow.Peace! This took me since Saturday night to finish.


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