Spongestalker Bratpants Fail #1: Squid Baby

Ah, yes, this will be lovely.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Spongebob Squarepants has sunk very low since the first movie, which came out in 2004.But then again, wasn’t 2005 the year Nickelodeon started to go a bit…south? Anyway, Spongebob has been given up by many, due to the “morals” being, not only vicious, but the opposite of what it once was.

And, this episode I’m about to review falls into the category of the many things wrong with modern Spongebob:-Torture Porn,dumbed down “humor”, and, last but not least, audience awareness fail.

But, kids watch the show, so it’s okay, cause, more money for being disgusting is more important then making sure your “show and morals for kids” are for EVERYONE.

Let’s begin.

As usual, Squidward is trying to relax and not end up committing suicide after being belittled, stalked, attacked, and tortured because of Spongestalker Bratpants and Prick Star, the neighbors who just can’t understand.Does he; lel, why would you think that? Instead, Spongebob and Patrick are being little annoying shits and acting immature, cause, you know, ‘humor’.

Squidward asks them to stop, since, after all the belittling and torture they most likely caused him yesterday, he probably never slept and is now relaxing in his tub.Of course, Spongebob is too much of a whiny immature brat and Patrick is too much of a douchebag to listen to Squidward, and he leaves.But, omg!!! He slips on one of the toys and gets hurt!!! That’s so surprising!!! Cause you know, the writers totally don’t make anything involving Squidward as the main story turn out to be Squidward becoming a magnet that attracts unnecessary hatred, torture,unfairness, and cruel critics!

Squidward, since he got hurt so bad in the head, ends up with a INFLAMMATION.Remember that word.Oh, and shockingly, Squidward is taken to the hospital.Very shocking that they didn’t try to make it look ‘pretty’ for the publicity.Spongebob and Patrick hide things up like Family Guy…actually, not even Family Guy goes this far for torture.They’re not far, definitely not far, but Spongebob is the higher for disturbance.Maybe because one is meant that way and is targeted for the older audience, and one is for children and has writers with a strong sexual fetish for cruelty,sadistic actions, and retardation? And, of course, even a ignorant group of adults would agree that the latter one is more disgusting?

Of course, the doctor says ‘itis’ while giving the mental disorder, cause research doesn’t matter in Spongebob universe.Good thing inflammation is the equivalent of mental retardation.Sad that I’m only thirteen but I am far more intelligent then these writers.

You know what? I’m not surprised, because Mr.Lawrence, Zeus Cervas, and Casey Alexander are in it.When you have a sadistic fetish loving whore, a graduate from Troll University that has studied in trollogy and has masterminded the skill of troll logic, and a idiot who doesn’t even understand the show in whole, you can’t be surprised at the quality and morals.

So, Spongebob and Patrick have to take care of him; like they did with the newborn crab.But because it’s Squidward, there’s lots of torture porn.Hahahahaha, even as he is in a mental retarded state, he’s a lightning rod.How nice.

How Squidward was alive, no one knows.After like, seventy two hours, Spongebob and Patrick go to the Krusty Krab, and Squidward works as the cashier cause Mr.Krabs is greedy bastard.I wonder why Patrick came if he was going to never be seen again that episode.

So, abuse abuse, and Squidward poops on himself.So I guess Mr.Lawrence also has a fetish for dirty diapers, too? Or is it the humiliation and torture of it that he really adores? Either way, this guy is into freaky stuff.

So, Spongebob is trying to change Squidward but people keep reminding him that his spots chosen are for them, and then he thinks that it’s smart to do it in the boat Squidward goes in to get orders.I guess now, the employees have to hold up everything in there cause Mr.Krabs is too cheap to have everyone use the bathroom.

Anyway, Mr.Krabs decides that, instead of putting Squidward to care where he’ll be safe from torture porn or the bathroom, to go where the food is made, and the customers run out.Lel, they said ‘yeet!’ Mr.Krabs then tells Spongebob that Squidward can’t stay in his dependent unstable state.Don’t get your hopes up for Mr.Krabs, btw.He only cares because his customers ran away, although we all know they’re just going to pop back up the next day

Surprisingly, Spongebob actually realizes that Squidward is being mistreated.Although Spongebob hasn’t realized that he is the fault of most of this.Close enough,though

Spongebob and Squidward go to Mr.Krabs told them, and guess what? No, really guess.It’s the most obvious thing that will happen.


Haha? Get it? Cause according to the mentally deranged writers and troll directors of these disgusting modern episodes, Squidward has to be tortured deeply if he is a main character in a episode, or has a episode about him?

So, Squidward turns back to normal after a shit ton of troll logic and runs off, but not before telling Spongebob to tell no one.He probably did though.And end with quote.

First of all, why is inflammation equal to a low functioning mental disorder? And I’m pretty sure he should’ve had the same head size if he was mentally retarded? And then, why with the torture.Not even, no really, not even Deviantart is this cringy.They know their limit.But this? I swear, even the people on Deviantart with so many fetishes would shake their head.

Why? Why would you make this for kids? When you’re making diaper scat wedgie underwear tickling pictures on adult sites, it’s a bit weird, but when you’re making these stuff for the younger audience, it’s just disgusting, creepy, and pedolish. I can now see why Stephen Hillenburg left.He’s smart.

So, I’ll make more reviews, although I doubt anyone will follow this blog. 😦



  1. Liz

    I’ve said this before on youtube and i will say it now. This whole episode is extremely disturbing. They should have FIRED, I repeat FIRED the writers on Spongebob. Its abusive and insulting on disabled and mentally handicapped people

    I wish someone sues Nick for these disturbing Spongebob episodes. they’re sick and perverted


  2. The only reason why is because you have a greedy owner who buys wins, when we HAD a owner who didnt even care and we couldnt bring in talent so for where we are at i dont think the browns are in a bad poisiton. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER COWBOYS FAN YOU BULLSHIT


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