Spongestalker Bratpants Fail #2: Little Yellow Book

Ironically, this episode is before “Squid Baby”.

Anyway, this episode was written by Luke Brookshier, Marc Ceccarelli, and Derek Iversen.Luke Brookshier is in stories with depression, possible death, and very negative plots.Marc Ceccarelli is pretty much a copy of Luke Brookshier, thank God at least Marc realized that this was a children’s show and left, and Derek Iversen is from the beginning of this show and worked in the production area until he decided that he wanted to be a little troll and make Spongebob someone who gives hard, but doesn’t have to get it hard and be a insufferable brat.

Anyway, at the Krusty Krab, Squidward decides to take a break since no one had come, but customers come because Squidward can’t have anything good.

Spongebob is revealed by Squidward to have been writing in a little diary instead of making the deal, and of course, Squidward is given a switch on personalities and suddenly becomes Squidward from season one to five.While Spongebob is taking a break after giving all the customers their orders, Squidward finds the diary in a barrel, cause Spongebob totally would take a break and leave something “important” to him in such a careless way.When the characters are written out of nowhere and Squidward is put in his past form, you know it’s a torture porn coming up.

Squidward decides that it would be nice to read it to everyone in the room, and everyone starts to join in and laugh.This is a karma episode of Squidward, because he was being a fake asshole.But here’s why I don’t like this episode.It’s cause of every character in the Krusty Krab besides Squidward and Spongebob.

Every single one of these fake cunts read the book, and suddenly now it’s bad to go in other people’s stuff? Oh, but if Spongebob had done it to Squidward, they would protect Spongebob with their white knight shields and gang up on Squidward for scolding Spongebob.My God, it’s like Anita Sarkeesian and The Amazing Atheist.He gives her ONE PIECE of constructive advice, and all the white knights explode.

Anyway, Squidward reads some “secrets” which can only be interpreted as fetishes to even be remotely close to a secret.Anyway, the name of his spatula, even though he has called it Spat in most episodes, is the last secret before Patrick makes fun of Spongebob.Wow, what a great best friend.People are laughing at belittling your best friend behind his back, and you decided to join in instead of sticking up for him.Not to mention that Patrick is the worst; Squidward was a asshole, but at least he wasn’t fake or a friend.The other characters are fake, but they aren’t friends.The fact that the only “friend” in that group blamed it on Squidward, even though Patrick was in it and is the REASON Spongebob found out in the first place, is disgusting.

Maybe instead of yelling at Squidward, the towns people, Mr.Krabs, Patrick, and the customers should’ve brought a mirror and taped it to Squidward’s face, to remember that they did the same thing.

Of course, troll logic and Squidward is insulted.Yes, it is his fault, but it is just as much as every single other person.Actually, while Squidward is more to blame, Patrick is more at wrong and fault; he completely acted like he did nothing in front of Spongebob and shifted the bucket towards Squidward to hide his own guilt.

Oh yeah, but Spongebob doesn’t question why Patrick knew and didn’t tell him or own up to it cause logic of these writers is that only Squidward and Miss.Puff suffer in the whole show, while characters just as bad get off scot free.These writers must’ve gone to the same school as Zeus Cervas, but instead of troll logic of insufferable wrongs, these writers of the episode learned how to have troll logic of being fake and hypocrisy.

So, usual Spongebob cri and run away.Like the one for April’s Fools, but Squidward is made like Patrick.Oh, I meant Prick.

Blah blah, bad stuff happens to Squidward, although he does deserves it because he’s being a heartless bitch, and he is sleeping in park cause his house has been taken.Why? Diary readers can’t be in houses.Funny,if you’re a diary reader you can’t have anything, but stalking someone, stealing their stuff, and driven them to a unstable mentality and suicidal thoughts is a okay! Oh, and being a insufferable asshole is okay, too.

Squidward is put in a stocks by the police cause instead of arresting Spongebob for all those times he has obsessed over Squidward, stalked him, harassed him, drove him to suicide attempts, broke his mental state barrier, opening his stuff, burglarizing into without permission, and burglarizing attempts and ACCOMPLISHING it.Oh, and Patrick for brutally attacking Squidward so many times and walking into his house without permission.Spongebob needs to get psychological help, or thrown in a asylum.He is far too demented, I think, for any therapy.

Prick Star throws stuff at Squidward, in which the latter is like “Really?” cause Prick is the worst for being so fake and not telling Spongebob the truth that he also saw the diary.Lel.

Spongebob comes and tells Squidward that it’s okay that he saw the diary because Spongebob published it and is a best seller.Lol, funny, but if Squidward tried that everyone would teleport to him to make sure that there would be no way for Squidward to move out of Bikini Bottom, cause troll logic.

Spongebob, being the idiot he is, flashes the REAL diary (What a plot twist er my gawd totalli nert expectin that herr herr herr) And Squidward takes it.Now, Squidward is to be given no sympathy.He didn’t even care that he was wrong, and continued to be a asshole.I feel like the writers are doing this so they have a excuse to write about their creepy fetishes and trolling.

I think parents need to stop complaining about Family Guy, a show for TEENAGERS AND ADULTS, and start complaining about this show, which is supposed to be for “kids”.Really? Why is it that people complain about everything but the shows that their kids ACTUALLY watch? The world may never know.

Anyway, I’ll review more even though no one reads my blog.


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