Spongestalker Bratpants Fail #3: Pet Sitter Pat

Once again, we’re reviewing a episode of a show that has turned into a cruelty “children” show that has troll logic and “morals” for the younger audience.

But, when you have Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas in it, you know it’ll be bad.I don’t know about Richard Pursel, but we’ll conclude him as a wickedly mean person who finds bullying, cruelty, and rudeness funny as a good moral for children.

Anyway, Spongebob’s grandma invited him to her birthday party,and Spongebob decides to temporarily give Gary to a mentally retarded douche who confused his own reflection in a puddle of water as another being.You know this will be a torture porn if, before a character leaves, they show a tiny sneak peak of the torture porn the victim will go through throughout the episode.

Also, I’m surprised that when Squidward didn’t decline, the background characters or Spongebob didn’t gang up on him and bully him into taking care of Gary.But,then again,Squidward,Gary, and Mrs.Puff are always used if the others aren’t carelessly brutalized.

Anyway, because Patrick is a selfish prick, he decides to eat the snail food IN FRONT of Gary in a ravishing way after Gary shows signs of hunger.

So, Spongebob feels a bit anxious and actually not being a unobservant jerk, actually checks up on Patrick and Gary; oh, and Gary is begging to be fed.

So, after being reminded of giving Gary a show, Patrick criticizes Gary’s smell (Which I believe he confused with his own) and does it in that bucket of a “sink” Spongebob always had.And, since it overflows and Patrick doesn’t have common sense, he opens a bag of snail food and pours it in the bucket, just to, metaphorically, flip the fingers to Gary when Gary tried to eat it and not starve to death.

Oh, and Gary reasonably tries to kill Patrick, but because of Zeus’s troll logic of insufferable assholes, Patrick is done no damage.Btw, this keeps on happening, so don’t get your hopes up.

Anyway, Spongebob starts to remind Patrick on things he should be doing and what he should’ve done, to which Patrick throws a fit and the writers try to make Spongebob look like he’s over-reacting.Da fuk? Oh, but if Squidward had done that to Gary, he would be homeless and belittled to suicide.Cause, if you’re not Squidward, Mrs.Puff, or Gary, you get off scoff free for anything you do.

What is really is, when Patrick runs out of idea, he uses a FLAME THROWER.How, in the world, is this okay.When cartoons used this before, it was a simple joke and we all knew that, like Mr.Enter said, the babysitter would get caught by karma.Even if that wasn’t the case, we would know that it was to break something or that the antagonist would accidentally mess up.

But the writers of this don’t give any sign of this, so it actually looks like Gary will die.And, if there’s been cruelty with no karma towards the antagonist before the “scariest” moment, it just makes it seem even more brutal.

After chasing Gary, Patrick over throws water and soap at Gary.It actually looks okay.

But then he brings a freaking hair dryer to crisp Gary’s whole body to make it look like he would die in five seconds.So, Spongebob calls once more, and when Patrick and Gary have fun, which I’m surprised Patrick didn’t actually use salt and end up killing Gary cause salt is dangerous to species similar to Gary, troll logic and Spongebob goes paranoid.

Spongebob comes, and..happy ending, with Gary telling Patrick a bedtime story.

Why would you make this for children.Showing children that a animal is purposely mistreated and almost slaughtered by a prick without any hint of survival just to show Gary okay with the fact that Patrick endangered him over four times.And that animal cruelty is okay if you’re “stupid”, which, I am starting to believe that Patrick is using that excuse to get away with problems he causes when he acts retarded.

Anyway, I’ll see if there’s any other stuff for me to post.


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  1. Merci de cette sélection, Vijannt.J’aeouterci que je vis aussi à Antibes aujourd’hui et que, pour allonger le chapitre des coïncidences, je suis aussi lorrain. Comme quoi… le monde du blog est très petit !


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