My Mama’s A Weaboo

Oh boy this was depressing. ._.

Anyway, “My Mama’s A Weaboo” is a webcomic by Yeppoh about a teenager who, ever since she was born, has been thrown into anime by her weaboo mother to the point where the teenager is bullied and depressed.


Anyway, it starts with the protagonist talking about how her mother, once again, lied to her and dressed her as a “kawaii animu” girl.

Now, she’s in high school, and get’s bullied on the first day because her mother still lacks the fact that her daughter is obviously not enjoying this and that they’re both the laugh of the town.And, poor thing, after that day, has to dress like a generic high school girl from a Japanese cartoon because it’s “kawaii and fitting”? Wtf? This isn’t Japan, lady.You can’t just add a irrelevant thing to another to make yourself feel better at your disgusting habit.Why bring your daughter to this? You’re just embarrassing yourself more.

Oh and flashback on first day of elementary school and how she started to hate what she and her mother did for “dress up”.


And she hasn’t even put her own clothes on in a few years cause of her mother’s disgusting habit.And can’t even wear the actual gymnastic uniform cause of her mother’s egotistical “kawaii” outfit obsession.Wow, and till college.Since her mother has lied about not dressing her up for high school, I bet she’ll walk up with hideous “cute” dresses that will make the professors walk out the door.

She is then left behind and forced to walk home because, after going to a anime con with her embarrassing mother, got pushed out in the crowd trying to get on a bus.Oh, her mother got on, but of course, didn’t look for her daughter cause being kawaii is too important.

Anyway, while walking home after waiting two hours, she bumped into assholes from her high school that “invited” her to a party.

And then we get this. ._.


And it’s interpreted (by the blood) that she was raped and assaulted by her “classmates”.And this girl loses all hope and just skips school.And she secretly love some Italian stuff, but is so scared of the brainwashing her mother would do to make her a little weeb just like her if she told her mother she didn’t like Japan, but Italy.Nice.Oh, and she meets a guy that she’s rude to because she’s so paranoid and belittled, she now is a bit delusional and thinks that anyone complimenting her is lying or pulling a prank.Sad how the damage scared and damaged this girl’s mental and psychical state.

Anyway, she thinks about how weabooish she was, but thanks her mother for at least helping her a bit in knowing the guy.And of course, they’re eating with chopsticks cause the mother is weeb.

Oh, and ignoring the fact that she hasn’t come for weeks, the principal has a meeting with the protagonist and her mother because of the pink hair dye.To which the mother acts like a average butthurt “otaku” weaboo you find on a YouTube video about embarrassing weaboos and agrees to get a natural color, and the girl’s thrilled that she is slowly getting off weeb features.

Or, well she thinks.It actually becomes blonde because her mom’s aggy.

My God…..what her mother wore was cringy.I can’t believe she thinks people take her seriously.

She meets the guy again but is rude because she’s still paranoid after the assault.


According to the girl, it’s the moment where her mother becomes abusive and insults her daughter for no reason, so the daughter decides to go to the father.Of course they’re divorce, I don’t blame him.He should’ve taken the kid, though, she probably would get white knights to defend her or threaten to kill her.

Anyway, while waiting, some group of girls make fun of her, cause that’s really nice.

While at father’s house, she looks through documents and finds a document of “Artifical Insermination”.


The reason why she is mad is, not because of the artificial insemination, but because they were healthy.Which means that she was just “used as a doll” in her point of view, and her mother just wanted to throw weaboo outfits on her daughter.Which is why she keeps talking about being a doll.She would been okay if they had problems, but the fact is that they had no problem.But, I don’t blame the father, I wouldn’t have a child traditionally either with her. ._.

Anyway, after running away, she goes to where she met the guy, and he’s there shocked at her sudden disturbing appearance.Oh, and people are talking and laughing about her in the background, cause someone who obviously has been into some trauma obviously wants your snobby judgement.Nice.

So he takes her to a hospital and waits for his girlfriend, who turns out to be one of the bullies at her school.Oh, and the bully talks about bad things of the girl to her boyfriend.Wow.And calling her a freak.

Wow.Aren’t you nice.She’s emotionally broken and you’re still being a bitch.Why do people do this? Why is it, when the person is clearly in a unstable mode,that they still continue to talk trash behind the victim’s back? Wow.I hope if her kids ever get bullied that she tells them that she was a bully and not act like she was a “victim” so they can see the true colors of her.

Anyway, the girlfriend calls the girl’s mother since she knew her and the mother is mad because of her daughter’s clothes.Yep.Forget about the fact that you’ve completely broken her emotional and mental state.But she’s wearing clothes that aren’t from a animecon selling cosplay of “Rozen Maiden”.Wow, that’s totally the problem here!
Anyway, thanks to the mother being a idiot, the girl flips a 360 and go’s loco.And she has been given the name of “Neurosis and Avoidant Personality Disorder.Oh and depressing and psychosomatic pneumonia.”
If you look in the background, you’ll see the mom pointing in a mad face.Yeah, not crying rivers realizing how much damage she has done her daughter, but wanting her to be in her “kawaii” clothes first thing tomorrow.

And then we get this and this. ._.


For anyone who doesn’t get the “she’s cheating” or the picture in whole, it’s saying that the girl found out that her mother made them give pills so she’s emotionless towards clothes (She got a phobia of it thanks to her weaboo mother).And they forced the pills on her, hench the “she’s cheating”.And the lines on her hands is showing her trying to retaliate against the drugs.Basically, the whole picture is demonstrating that they drugged her so she can never react again, becoming the “perfect doll” her mother always wanted.Now, her mother can dress her up all she wants without the girl complaining.


(The woman staring back is the creator of this btw)

The mother then found the diary, wrote one last page, and threw it away.Wow.So she ignores the horrible things in the diary.


This was a very good webcomic, but I think they should’ve explained the “artificial insemination” part so people wouldn’t think that they were insulting anyone who has done artificial insemination.

Also, the coloring <3! Beautiful! The anatomy of the face could be a bit improved, but that’s it on that.Also, thanks for coloring the important parts, it adds to her point of view (Get it? Cause she’s afraid of other people’s feelings, so everything not important to her is plain so she can’t be judged?) and the setting.This is really the first time there were bright colors that matched the story, nice how the creator was able to turn the bright colors into a serious depressing story.

And the ending was actually reasonable, since the mother was in the care, and she didn’t sugar coat it.She made it very reasonable.

Sorry for not adding more stories, btw.I’ll make more soon quicker, I promise!


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