Bitchela Sociopathiconda (Angela Anaconda) #1: Ice Breaker

Oh boy doesn’t this show have nice morals.

Anyway, this show is know for horrible animations and weird art logic.Oh, and also known for the “protagonist” being a sociopathic hypocritical bully.Of course, she is made to be the good guy besides being one of the most evil “protagonists” ever.

Anyway, Angela Anaconda is going to the her ice skating lesson with her friends, where the punching bag  I mean “antagonist” is talking about her new ice skates.Sure, she’s snobbish,and a bit perky, but how is Nanette a bully or antagonist? Is it because she doesn’t put up with Angela’s bullshit? Or cause Angela is a mentally deranged child who bullies a girl that just likes to show her goods?

Anyway, because children totally should see and hear that, Angela talks about her ice skating teacher and school teacher being nudists and skating while making out and doing sexual activities with each other.

What the hell did I just see?

Anyway, after that creepy scenario Angela sadly showed us, Nanette is showing her skills and Angela bad talks about her to everyone there.Good thing the protagonist torments and bullies a girl that she hates because the girl is rich and has skills.Hahaha!

Anyway, while Nanette is doing a move with generic dumb best friend of protagonist, he twirls and spins into Angela, breaking her right arm,Lovely.Yeah, notice how when Nanette has something bad happen to her, Angela straight up mocks her to depression, yet whines when it happens to her.Wtf.

Anyway, at school everyone is waiting to sign Angela’s cast, and Nanette cuts everyone and signs Angela’s cast.Yes, this is something to make Nanette a antagonist! The writers need to keep up with this tatic instead of silly lazy reasons like “she’s rich”.

Anyway, Angela is raging cause the girl she BULLIES and TORMENTS and THREATS everyday for her own sadistic pleasure is being a genuinely nice person and wishing for her to get better (Yep, not that she was mean to everyone else waiting in line, but me she signed it! The horror!)

So, anyway, because the writers are sadistically cruel and want Nanette to be belittled to suicide, Angela has a twisted dream of Nanette falling hard on the ice of a skating competition on her head, with brain injuries, being sprayed on with ice be gone with the ice around her melting and her struggling not to drown.oh, and clones of her “nudist” ice skate teacher naked with signs of 10.

Piranhas then bite and chew through her legs and Nanette’s frozen in water, floating to a island of Eskimo babies that throw her onto a igloo instead of helping her out of the ice.Oh, and Angela makes fun of Nanette’s appearance and continues to belittle her.

Angela comes and “helps” Nanette by throwing her into Angela’s generic best friend’s hockey stick, to which Angela pretends that Nanette is pleading for her life not be taken away from her, and Angela “saves” her again by throwing her into the hockey net and scoring.Oh, and belittles Nanette once more.

What the hell?

Who would make this for children? How, in the word, is this for kids? Purposely giving children morals that encourage cruelty, sadistic foul play and bullying, bad talking, making rumors, death threats, dreaming of horrible deaths, and trying to kill someone you hate for no reason is okay? That if you don’t put up with bullying of the “nice” kid, you’re the antagonist?

Anyway, after waking up from that malicious “dream”, her friends call her from her window to come with them to shovel the roads.

Good thing it’s only been a day since she’s worn the cast basically and Angela can use it with no problem! Logic fail.

Anyway, Nanette comes and acts “snobbish”. I’m putting quotations on that word because the writers seem to try to make Nanette evil, yet a innocent punching bag at the same time. Writing fail.

Anyway, the guard of Nanette puts the skates out when Nanette asks him to put them INSIDE because writing fail, so Angela and her friends decide to cover up Nanette’s shoes for no reason and mock her.

Yeah, that’s totally not “bullying”. It’s just “fun”! Hahaha!

I can’t.This is just mean.Really? Making a character suffer for “morals”? Why does everyone hate her anyway? This is just hating her because you’re a asshole.

I am so glad this was canceled, people finally realized how disgusting this trash was, as  bad as the protagonist. Bye.


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