Spongestalker Bratpants Fail #4: A Life in a Day

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a Spongebob review.I’ll do the sister episode, “Sun Bleached”, next.

Anyway, this episode is another episode where continuity sucks and a character either hasn’t met someone, which is so false, or never done something with someone, which is also false.LOLZ. You can thank  Chris Reccardi for that.He has a bad case of informative writing.He’s not bad really, just needs help on continuity and writing skills.I rather have him then Zeus Carvas or Mr.Lawerence.

Let’s begin.

Spongebob and Patrick are relaxing at the beach when Larry makes a “edgy” appearance.Anyway, Larry talks about how to be like him, to where he uses Spongebob and Patrick as a example of a group of “whips”.
Oh…wow….they’re relaxing on the beach and not doing stunts that could kill them just because the “cool” guy does it…wow…I can totally see how that’s being a whimp. Cause having fun instead of acting like a cliche bad boy in a generic high school movie is way more unique and cool.Also, suddenly Larry doesn’t know who Spongebob or Patrick is, besides the fact that since 1999 he’s been shown talking to both before,Guess eight years of knowing someone is basically “not knowing them”.Seems like 1999 to 2008 episodes took place after this episode.Continuity fail.
Later that day, Spongebob and Patrick are blowing bubbles where Patrick thinks about Larry’s “lecture”.Patrick then tells Spongebob that they need to act like a cliche douchebag who belittled them and tries to become “extreme” and “cool”.Spongebob, however, acts like Spongebob because he couldn’t care less about what a stereotypical cliche thought of him.
Um, wasn’t the point of Larry’s character was for him to be the strong “hot” ladies man with all talent,yet have a nice, optimistic, generous aura and personality? He’s not supposed to be the stereotype a ignorant person or first time viewer would think he would be if they saw someone like him in real life.Not to mention that he wasn’t even rude at all, so this just ruins her characterization.Continuity and characterization fail.
Anyway, Patrick starts, well, living like Larry, while Spongebob continues to be himself cause he’s not into doing stuff cause someone makes fun of you since you don’t do it.
Anyway, at a giant ramp Patrick is about to “do it with Spongebob” (He actually just ignored Spongebob’s opinion on not wanting to) when Spongebob tells Patrick to stop being a follower and risking his life cause someone that “doesn’t even know him” (Continuity and characterization fail) made fun of him like the jackass he is.
Patrick of course, decides to continue.Not before replying, though, “I feel sorry for you.”
Omg, wow…..Spongebob is being himself instead of a stuck up jerk…yeah, he’s so stupid for being so low….wow, he’s going to have such a low future….yeah, lets feel sorry for him…he is going to have a sad life…
This episode could’ve worked, had they made Patrick change his mind and listen to Spongebob at the moment.But troll logic is troll.
Anyway, Patrick runs to the Krusty Krab and tells Spongebob that he went too far, where Spongebob adds that he’s finally learned what happens when you become a stereotype for someone who downgraded you.Turns out that a bike gang is after Patrick!
After telling the gang that Patrick is stupid, they make peace until Spongebob accidentally pushes all their motorcycles down, cause troll logic.And….chase scene!
While they’re running for their lives, Spongebob decides to be exactly what he avoided Patrick for and lets the bikers attempt to kill him…cause living like Larry!
Anyway, Spongebob takes Patrick to the top of a ballast, and Patrick, like Spongebob replies later, becomes a hypocrite and suddenly talks about this being dangerous.
…Wait, so endangering a wild animal that could kill you or give you rabies , brutalizing and mutilating yourself inside a car, riding on a ramp that will either break and kill you or break and throw you into vicious hungry monsters in a pit, and purposely throwing motorcycles down for no reason other than to be gang-banged is okay? I agree with the fact that the ballast is a dangerous stunt,but I’m pretty sure the first stunt should’ve woken you up.
Larry is being a attention seeker by showing off to hide the fact that he’s a horrible person, sees Spongebob and Patrick, and is proud of them being stereotypes, until he sees what they’re landing to and tries to be a knight in shining armor to hide the fact that he started this partially.
Anyway, when he catches up to them, he tells them that he wasn’t being “serious” (Fuck you Larry.) and that it was just a “joke”.Yeah….joke…that’s why you made fun of them in front of everyone, right? And acted like you didn’t know them? Seriously, fuck you Larry.
Anyway, thanks to Spongebob not stopping, they all end up in the hospital, to where Spongebob ignores the lesson he should’ve realized and continues to be like Larry.I think that moment is where Spongebob starts being a insufferable jerk.
Oh, and it ends with Larry chasing Spongebob for being a idiot.
I really hope Seth Hillenburg didn’t go crazy over coming back to the show to realize what they’ve done to this once, child friendly unique animation with ACTUAL MORALS and relatable issues.Oh, and characters were treated how they treated others with no insufferable deeds. -sigh-
I wish people could comment and tell me what they would want me to review next.


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