The Hypocrisy In The Gay Community (And Others!) On Jokes

Lately, many homosexuals have been making jokes about heterosexuals.Which, since it’s basically satire humor, is alright.But usually, when a heterosexual replies and says that it’s offensive, the homosexual responds with “It’s a joke”, or “It’s only offensive when it’s towards the LGBT group”.


So, you’re telling me that it’s only bad when it’s targeted towards your group? You see, this is why some parts of LGBT group has conflicts with some parts of the heterosexual group.The rabid LGBT groups shove it down any heterosexual’s throats if they don’t give and waste all their time on the fact that they’re gay like the whole world should just sit down and throw a big fiesta and year long party for them.There’s a difference between having strength in your sexuality and finally being able to be happy with it, and being a attention seeker that wants to be patted down for being different and shoves it down everyone’s face 24/7 like it makes you a unique special little snowflake.

It’s the same thing with the bigger and smaller size community.You being big isn’t a excuse to be a bragging   spammer, neither is it a excuse if you’re in the smaller size category.

You’re not having “sudden strength”, it’s just your excuse for people to talk about you.Again, not saying you can’t be happy, but using it as a excuse to be a special little snowflake and get people to praise you with treats is more egotistical than proud.

Anyway, I don’t understand the hypocrisy of homosexuality and heterosexuality, Caucasians and African Americans, and Skinnies and Biggies.The homos, African Americans, and Biggies complain about the opposite groups, which I agree are very harsh most of the time.But the older I got, the more I realized how the heteros, whites, and Skinnies started to become the original trio of ignorance.Now, we see homosexuals, African Americans, and bigger size communities being ignorant and offensive towards their opposites.Most of the AA, Homos, and Bigs started to become hypocrites and only find treatment of injustice of THEIR group bad.

Why would you guys fight SO hard to stop ignorance, just to do it to them and white knight yourself.That’s like the girl in my class who started rumors about me that said it happened to her and tried to white knight herself.So you were so influenced by the bullying that happened to you that you would do it to me and then act like it’s suddenly okay cause it’s yourself doing it? What a hypocrite.

If the homosexuals that make heterosexual jokes are so fed up with the horrible treatment of their community, why would you do it to a group and then use petty excuses for your immaturity, when you SHUNNED the group that insulted and isolated you,ESPECIALLY after they used disgusting excuses for all the MISERY, TORTURE, AND CRUELTY they put you through for so many years.

Same thing with African Americans and Big size communities.Oh, and feminazis.You guys are just as bad as the people who started it because you’re using your experiences as a excuse to be egotistical hypocritical assholes.

Just like getting butthurt over jokes when it’s referred to YOU.So a joke about a white hating group is hilarious and payback, but a KKK joke is ignorant is wrong? Jokes about gays and aids is disgusting, yet straight males with baby mama problems is a-okay? Meghan Trainor’s song that’s hypocritical towards the skinny community is good cause it’s a joke, yet thunder thighs is down rate ignorant?

Because one group suffers more, the issues of the other group don’t matter? Are you serious? That’s like telling a starving child in America to stop complaining because children starve more in Africa.

You hypocritical feminazis, rabid homos and black people, and big community, are just as bad as the male male geomatics, rabid heteros, rabid whites, and skinny jerks.At least they’re simply ignorant.You guys just want FULL CONTROL.

So, to all you butthurt feminazis, rabid homos, rabid black people, and bigger size communities that whine about the opposite groups being offensive, remember not to just do the same thing and white knight your group and yourself.You just make everyone look like egotistical self absorbed ignorant idiots.

Thank you.


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