Futile Fanfiction #1: Yandere Love

Oh boy wasn’t this a fun one.

I recall reading this fanfiction only my laptop a long time ago before now,About, I’d say, two or three times? I just couldn’t believe how weird this was.It was so idiotic that I considered this as a troll.But, sadly, this is meant to be serious.I mean, the loop holes, cliches, and alternative endings….it’s like she took Deviantart, Weaboos, Wattpad, and smashed it into a ball with anime and Vocaloid.I’m not really a fan of Japanese cartoons or music, but there are some Vocaloid songs I like, and I was a humongous weaboo back then, so I would be bound to understand the references (lol no life) that the author made.

Speaking of, this is made by RoseyR, who REALLY REALLY REALLY likes Vocaloid.

Oh, and why don’t we all look at this.

Oh, the irony!

Oh, the irony!

Let’s see: Rosey feels uncomfortable about twincest, yet is a fangirl of RinXLen and selfcest.Dislikes Yaoi, yet gloats about Yuri.Hates selfcest of Len….but likes selfcest of win? Oh, and can’t stand Len with anybody but Rin, but has no problem with anybody with Rin.Let’s all just sink in that first paragraph I drew around and last paragraph I drew around.Gotta love the nonsense logic in those two paragraphs.I also like how she only likes Len with Rin but has no problem with Rin and someone else.Oh, and yaoi is nasty….BUT KAWAII SUGOI ANIME GIRL KISS SCENE IS SUPA CUTE AND KAWAII SUGOI DESU!!!

But you guys don’t want to keep seeing her profile, so let’s begin.

It begins with Len talking about all the things he’s seen his love interest, Rin, do whenever he “follows” (Yeah sure) her.We then are given a flashback on how he met her; she was a new student at his university.He thinks she’s cute, and after a conversation,she talks to the other people.And then he gets mad and….

Wtf? I can’t even.I’m just going to pretend like I didn’t even see that.I have no words.

Anyway, in the present, Rin is talking to Miku, who is hated by Len for no other reason then that she’s talking to his “angel”.Um, I think you mean the girl you talked to for a minute and has a LIFE OF HER OWN?

Miku tells Rin about Kaito, jokes around with her “liking” him, and that she should give him a try.Len is raging in the background and says that Miku needs to punish because Rin is his, and that she’s forcing Kaito onto Rin.Um, for someone who really likes Rin, you sure are aloof.I mean, you have barely talked to her.

Anyway, he talks to Rin like she was a random person and shops around for Miku’s punishment.Um, why is she being punished? I believe when he talked to her was the first time she ever saw him.So, she wouldn’t even know about your crush….? I’m a bit confused on that.Why would she be at fault if she never even knew about Len, never mind his crush.Then again, RoseyR’s other fanfictions have plot holes just like this one.

Later, we are given Miku’s point of view and its revealed that she has romantic feelings of Rin, but unlike Len, she ACTUALLY likes Rin and wouldn’t mind about Kaito and Rin dating if Rin’s HAPPY.See? Len doesn’t “love” or “like” Rin, he’s mentally obsessive with her.If he really likes her, he wouldn’t rage.Cause he would want what makes her happy, cause when you like someone you RESPECT THEIR CHOICE.

Clearly, this guy is just your typical bad guy you’ll find in a Lifetime movie that claims he likes the protagonist, yet can’t like her enough to have her choose her own decisions and romantic decisions.Yes, cause killing everyone she looks at for a freaking second will make you closer to her and not have the cops on you.

Anyway, after the adorable flashback on how Rin and Miku met, she hears someone knocking on the door, and she opens the door to find Len who has a knife.However, he doesn’t take it out yet.

He starts whining about her taking Rin from him (Cause playing around with your friend about a boy you know likes her and not about the antagonist who you never actually met up until now and you didn’t even know that he likes her is totally talking her away.Logic fail.) and stabs her.

Anyway, after killing her, he gloats about how she took Rin away (-_-), he gloats because now he can talk to Rin without “annoying” Miku in the way.Um…wow.I mean, I guess you could’ve gone to her FREAKING HOUSE SINCE YOU KNOW HER SO MUCH YOU DOUCHEBAG AND TALKED TO HER, but RoseyR needed a generic reason for a death.Lovely.

Anyway, the next day, Len heads to school (University.) to talk to Rin.Um, in the beginning he said he stalked  her for many years, and if he met her in a later year of university, they should be in their late twenties for early thirties? Which means that this all should’ve been in the past tense or flashback? Continuity fail.

Anyway, Rin brings up Miku and wanting to check up with her, and Len blatantly shouts “no” and that he would do it, to which Rin says how “nice” of him.Heh, yeah, “nice”.

Later that day, Rin bumps into Kaito; of course Len is watching cause plot troll logic is troll.Anyway, Len is all raging cause someone is talking to his angel.Who is his angel? You know, the girl that he has talked to three times now (concluded by how the story is written) and has no respect on her choices and relationships to the point where he is obsessive? He might as well just kill Rin’s parents.They talk to his angel OMG!!! I mean they’ve obviously known her better but OMG HE’S ONLY ALLOWED TO TALK TO HER!

After Len goes to Miku’s house and hides her body, because cliche moment to move the plot, Neru and her friends find the bag containing Miku while Neru and her friends were hiking in the forest.She tells this to Kirameki, a detective, and its revealed that no one else has been told.

Anyway because plot needed to be moved, instead of, you know, asking to be brought to the body so fingerprints on the body left by the killer can be examined and used when they get suspects and do a fingerprint check, or I don’t know, even wondering who the people that she talked to hours before her death, she tells Neru to tell Rin about Miku’s death,Oh, and Kira just sits there wondering about stuff instead of DOING THEM.


Anyway, news gets spread around about Miku’s death even though I’m pretty sure only Rin was informed and she would be too much in a fragile spot to spread rumors, and she wouldn’t even spread rumors in the FIRST PLACE.

Len catches Rin and Kaito talking because plot needed to be rised up, and is mad that Kaito is telling Rin that Len is obviously the killer and is the only person that had the motive and was around her at the time of her death.Not to mention the blatant fidget when Rin suggested going to Miku’s house.Um, I’m with Kaito.You’re freaking defanged.You’d not be a good suggestion to cheer her up.You would just show that you’re the killer

Anyway, while Len was freaking zoning in on Rin and Kaito, the detective saw the whole thing and actually didn’t just sit there when the answer was right there, which really shocked me the first time I read this.After all, I thought she was there just for a OC to get fifteen minutes of fame.

Sadly, our hearts are broken cause she falls in love with Len just to move the plot forward.Not surprised that she would be interrupted, but very surprised that she would be interrupted by developing a crush on him.



Anyway Rin saw this cause cliche moment and talks about Len having a crush.I like how RoseyR stalks about Rin being obvious to his crush.Yes, cause there are only like, seven other girls besides Rin in the school.And yes, Rin can notice Ken talking to Kira but not him stalking her and raging at any conversation she has that’s not with others,Troll logic is troll.

Anyway, Kaito feels bad for Rin and wonders why he is the only one who notices how much of a psycho Len is and why everyone is wondering who killed Miku when the answer is right there on a silver plate.

I feel the same, Kaito.

Len is walking around and sees Kaito asking Rin out.You know, for someone who had A WHOLE LOT OF OPPORTUNITIES TO FREAKING MAKE A MOVE, he sure is a background character.OMG, wow…..Rin is happy….

You know, if he really liked her, he would be a bit sad but wish for what makes Rin happy.Yeah…this is why Rin doesn’t notice you, “kouhai”.You can’t just watch someone from afar and then get mad when someone else makes a move.I mean, no was was in your way to begin with, you just never attempted to try and make a move…

So, Len goes into denial and thinks that Rin just pities Kaito (Like how she does with you, Len?) and decides to kill him for no reason other than that he actually made his move and wouldn’t be selfish like Len.Wow.

Kira then comes by and, instead of noting down that Len is watching Rin and Kaito’s conversations again and using that as a connection to Miku’s death and showing that he has the most motive out of all the suspects and is the most skeptical, tries to ask him on a date.However, the bell rings and he has to go to class.

Good thing she attempted to have a romantic relationship with him instead of doing her job!


Anyway, later Kaito and Rin are on a date, and it ends with a kiss.Why no noticed Len watching them in a obvious and questionable way, well because plot needed to be moved on,

Sadly, Kaito is later strangled and stabbed in the heart by Len.

I like how she ends the point of views when someone dies.Yes, cause the last thoughts would be about the person talking about being consumed by talking.Sadly, the deaths after Kaito’s end mostly with being taken by darkness.

Anyway, Rin cries about Kaito and Len comes and acts concerned.She thinks Len is going to die soon since  the people that Rin cares about keeps dying.Why the detective didn’t conclude Len as the killer since he had stalked Kaito talking to Rin twice, and he was the only one who came to Miku’s house at the time and was MALE LIKE NERU DESCRIBED,no one knows.Oh, yeah, to keep the plot going.

Rin invites Len to her apartment and is later seen talking about her art with Len.One piece is yet to be finished because she couldn’t bring it to continue with her art when two people dear to her were killed maliciously.

Anyway, Len ends up kissing Rin and he goes a bit too “south”.She tells him to put a leash on it (In a nice way) cause she’s not ready, and Len feels bad.He doesn’t want to hurt his angel, he said,Yes, cause you totally didn’t hurt her by killing her best friend and possible love interest.

Um, why does she suddenly have feelings for Len? I recall her thinking of him as a classmate, maybe a good friend.She seemed to be interested in Kaito, and she WAS, even though Rosey wrote it different so she could keep her beloved kawaii desu pair.Please, at least make the characters show a specific sign when you do these stuff so the readers don’t think otherwise.

Anyway, Kira FINALLY does her job and questions Len, even though she didn’t have a huge thought and just wondered.Cause, you know, its just to happily assume that someone who had stalked a duet twice, in front of you, who also was the last person to meet Miku and not only was there around the time of her death, but matched the description by a witness.Your boss really needs to fire you, Kira.

Ignoring the fact that the killer was male and if only two suspects are left (Kaito died) it would automatically lead to Len and he had bigger motives since she caught him glaring at Kaito talking to Rin, she talks to Len about Rin cause apparently all that evidence points to Rin being the prime suspect.Why must fanfiction writers do this? Make all the characters ignore the obvious mastermind who’s twerking in neon clothes on a humongous silver plate filled with lights and music? That’s literally how obvious Len is the killer.Whatever.

After getting out of that conversation, Len catches Rin talking to Teto and Neru, who are cheering her up and letting her know that they’re there for her.Guess what? More people dying! Cause cheering someone up after they’re going depressed because you’re such a obsessive idiot that you think killing two people dearly important to them will make your love interest happy is totally a reason for Teto and Neru to die.

Now Rin doesn’t need friends.Um, how are you making her happy by taking any chance of joy she can have? If you saw how mad she was at the apartment, why would you continue this? I really thought this was a troll the first time I read this because the logic, plot holes, and cliche moments were that poorly thought of.Oh, and continuity is so off on this on.

Blah blah blah blah, death.

Kira than comes by and asks Len, since she SAW him walking by a few seconds before Neru and Teto’s deaths, if he saw anyone.Um, how about why he was there? And why the same thing happened for Miku and why he kept listening into Kaito and Rin’s conversations? Or better yet, if he can tell her boss to fire her since she is the slowest unobservant detective ever shown? Oh wait, that’s right, Rosey needed a excuse to keep Len killing without getting caught until the climax.
Anyway, Kira has a conversation with Len about how she knows he’s the killer, she has evidence and he not only never cleaned up or take off his traces, but fit the description of late Neru’s story and has the most motive.Not to mention that there’s cameras at the university and he would always be around the victims at the time of their death and he skipped school the day Miku was found, and came home late when he killed her.She also took pictures of him stalking Rin and Kaito and Neru and Teto.She just acted like a fool in love so she could catch him in the act using it as a advantage.

She also knew that he poisoned the tea since the living room is right there in front of the open kitchen and lets him know that the cops are outside, waiting for her to say “Lovely, dear.” She then says this and the cops come and arrest him, where he is sent to Prison.


Instead, she confesses her feelings and continues to drink the tea despite it having a very atrocious after taste even though its supposed to be the sweet kind! Good job Kira.You had ONE job.

Because Kira is a idiot, she ends up getting poisoned, and Len belittles her.Funny how he talks about how Kira would hurt Rin’s feelings..Um, pretty sure you did when you killed anyone important to her? Yeah…..the fact that he had to spread it out for her is kinda sad.I mean, when the killer could catch himself better than you, the “best” detective in the town, that’s just so depressing.

Now, everyone confirms that there’s a serial killer in the university and are panicking,Um, how come the crime agency didn’t run to Len? After all, they would’ve known that she was going to investigate him, a SUSPECT, who was ironically around when MIKU WAS FOUND, whenever Kaito talked to Rin,and when Neru and Teto died? Why didn’t the police station look at the university’s cameras? Or put a connection on the description Neru had gave them on the killer? Did that suddenly get washed away in the black hole of no continuity?

Rin is petrified that a killer is on the loose, and thanks Len for comforting her instead of wondering why out of all her close friends, Len is the only one alive and why he always pops up when she’s talking to the people that are soon to die.

Anyway, Rin reveals at the last minute cause plot needed to move on that her friends from America are visiting.OMG! She has BFFS? WOW THAT IS SOOOOO BAD THEY NEED TO DIE WOW MUCH SENSE 10/10 FOR YOU LEN CAUSE THAT IS A SIN!!!

After that moment, they head to ART class.Let’s all just look at the picture below.

Can you count all the errors in this picture kids?

Can you count all the errors in this picture kids?

Look, a weaboo moment! First of all, since art isn’t really a subject, she should either be called “Shido-in” or “Shihan”.Maybe Kyoshi.Second of all, you don’t call teachers with their last name in Japan, never mind first name.Even if you do, since sometimes they allow it, the last name needs to be first.Meaning, “Sakine-Shido-in” Or “Sakine-Kyoshi”.In college, it wouldn’t be “Sakine-senpai”.

Second of all, what is up with the improper name use? In Japan, you don’t use the first name or both unless you’re good friends with the person or you’re introducing yourself.Meiko should’ve thought, “Kagamine”.And why are there textbooks in Art? That you READ? I understand if it’s a “how to” or book report, but art class is not supposed to be for work as if it was a major class.Just saying.

Last but not least, I like how suddenly now a person besides Kaito realizes what’s up with Len.Why Rosey showed Meiko’s point of view if she was never going to be shown again is beneath me.

After classes, Rin and Len pick up Rin’s friends from America, Luka,Piko, and Oliver.Well, they’re all from Japan excluding Oliver, but came to America cause background story needed more juice.All three friends boast about missing Rin and Len is butthurt that Rin has a social life.For someone who loves Rin, you sure want her to be isolated.

Now he has three more victims on his list cause he is a rager! Lovely.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and Rin’s friends are still alive because she’s around them 24/7 and Len is so fake that he has to wait till they’re separated because he wants Rin to believe in his lies.

Rin asks Len to let Piko stay at his house for a while (We know what’s coming) because Piko did something to not be able to stay at the hotel he was supposed to be at.Of course, this is just a excuse to have Piko killed and the climax to start soon.

Len waits for Rin and Piko (She picked him up) and kisses Rin at the top of her head when they arrive.He believed that he saw Piko in a jealous state.

After Rin leaves to look upon Luka and Oliver, Len starts a conversation with Piko and he hints jealously once again.

Piko talks about how he met Rin, and reveals to Len that he had a crush on her.And then we get this.

Boy, did Rosey have fun with this one.

Boy, did Rosey have fun with this one.

Wow….um…what a descriptive way to die.

So, the next chapter’s intro is so frustrating that I wanted to jump into the fanfiction and throw Len into police custody since everyone else in this story to this point are unobservant idiots.

Um, how did he try to steal Rin from you? By telling you that he wants Rin to be happy and that he hopes you’ll treat her right? That’s pretty much letting you win there, bud.

Anyway, Luka and Oliver visit (This is why everyone has been unobservant so we could receive a long due climax) and Len blatantly throws himself suspiciously, which Luka and Oliver pick up cause, yes, THEY ACTUALLY USE THEIR BRAIN.

Luka and Oliver look around for Piko, who is found by Luka snooping around.Luka also finds the baseball bat, and quickly concludes Len as a serial killer.Why? Because unlike almost every person in this story, Luka  connects things together and note on red flags,you know, like Kira should’ve done? Honestly, Kira’s job shoudlve called Luka over,She would’ve been able to call Len out from the get go.Oh, but the plot wouldn’t be able to progress! Silly me, thinking that logic would be in a fanfiction based on robotic voices.

The next day, Luka, Oliver, Rin, and Len head to a restaurant to eat, and yes, Luka has the common sense to tell Oliver and talk about calling the police instead of using a excuse like Kira.

Oliver, because he’s not a generic idiot, believes her.Why? Cause he actually uses common sense and knows that this wouldn’t be joked about.

Luka and Oliver plan on Rin being told when Len is not around, since he’ll most likely kill every single person around him.Len, not turning from a intelligent mastermind to a unobservant generic antagonist like in a Lifetime movie, realizes how strange they’re acting, and notes when Luka blurts out that she’ll go with Rin to the bathroom when Rin announces about having to do the business.

Luka calmly tries to tell Rin to break up, but Rin announces that he’s sweet.You know, when he’s not barging into her conversations.After announcing about Piko dying on the hands of Len, Rin disagrees because he is too nice to ever do that, and he has no reason to kill all her friends and the detective.And there’s no evidence.

You know, besides the fact that he is her only friend from the university alive.And that when most of the people he killed were announced dead, he mentioned about either checking up with them, she knew that he had to talk with her, or that she left him with them.Oh, and that ironically he was around and always jumped in with such a jealous way whenever she talked to someone else.Awareness fail.

Luka, who actually does things that’ll keep people safe and good instead of temporarily happy, calls the police.Thank you Luka and Oliver, for having common sense and not sugar coating.

The police come, basically, a minute later and arrest Len.He will get revenge! And make Rin smile! After all, taking away any relationship, friendship or romantic, that belongs to your girlfriend and making her isolated to only look at you and fulfill your sick fantasy is totally going to make her smile.Heck, might as well kill her relatives! And anyone who has looked at her! What a thoughtful person you are, Len.

Fast forward on a couple of weeks, and Rin still hasn’t talked,Oh, and she’s not mad at her friends anymore.Yes, be mad at the people who saved you from a obsessive deranged sadistic sociopathic (psychopathic too) “follower” who would’ve ended up killing all the people you cherish and know and, heck, even you probably.Oh, but wonder about the crazy boyfriend of yours that went from killing your best friend at your university to a childhood friend and, maybe had she not met Len, a possible romantic interest.Wow, aren’t you a grateful person.Your friends could’ve just pretended to not notice the silver plate in front of them and let you die, but they actually SAVED YOU, and this is your response,Where’s the “thank you?” Or the “you saved me”? How unthoughtful.

Anyway, Rin is sad cause she loved him, you know, not that her childhood friend and basically any friend other than Luka and Oliver are dead.

After a scene of Luka and Oliver helping Rin, we get a montage of Len escaping.Why? Cause a fanfiction can not live without a tiny sprinkle of troll dust.Oh, and the news talks about it on the tv just so we can have the plot moved.Why the cops just told the news instead of even attempting to look for him, OR IDK GO TO THE ONE PERSON HE DOESNT TRY TO KILL’S HOUSE OR LOOK FOR WHERE THEY ARE???

Anyway, Luka and Oliver are panicking while Rin suggests that he might not kill them.Um….you really don’t care about your “childhood friends”, huh? Luka must’ve agreed with me, because she finally snaps at how self absorbed and delusional Rin is and tells Rin to wake up, actually care about the fact that he killed so many of her friends, and to help find a way out instead of being oblivious like usual.

The lights go out, which surprisingly are not caused by Len.He goes to a window and Rin…IS FREAKING GOING LOVEY DOVEH FOR HIM? WTF??? HE KILLED ALMOST ALL THE PEOPLE DEAR TO YOU AND YOURE GIVING HIM AFFECTION!

Well, Len tries to barge in the window and Rin is scared cause, he’ll hurt himself! You know, not that her friends will die…that she has been fooled all along…that she could’ve saved all her friends from dying…BUT HE WILL GET HURT YES THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM WOW.

Anyway, Luka and Oliver drag Rin around after Len gets in and…Oliver dies by the axe Len found.(They’re on the roof btw.)

Luka grabs Rin and walks towards the edge, cause she knows that she’ll never see Rin again if she gives her to Len.And this happened.This,THIS, made me rage.

Cause the guy you have known for like three months is more important than a long time childhood friend.

Cause the guy you have known for like three months is more important than a long time childhood friend.

Yes, this is how you repay someone who saved you from getting into a serious relationship with a psychopath that would eventually lock you down to have no social, or basically any life that doesn’t include him right in front of you 24/7.Cause, all Luka did was basically take care of you for weeks after you went depressed.And opened your eyes.But, no, clearly Len shouldn’t be hurt.All he did was, you know, kill two of your childhood friends, a romantic interest, a best friend, and two girls that had your back.Lovely.

So, after killing her childhood friend that WAS TRYING TO SAVE HER FROM A FREAKING SERIAL KILLER, Rin and Len rejoice and become a couple again.

And we get a scene from the future, where Rin and Len are a couple and suddenly no cops or agents were looking for Len.Why? Cause continuity fail.

And a couple ends up dying from Len.Of course Rin and Len never get in trouble, cause, cops and agents suddenly don’t exist, nor does the families of the victims of Rin and Len exist.

However, that is a alternative ending.In the next one, instead of being a ungrateful love bug, Rin quickly catches on how horrible Len really is and doesn’t give sympathy or affection towards him.Thank you for this version.I like this version a lot.It is, although a bit cheesy, the most reasonable one.

This time, Len finds a gun and Oliver is shot, and it takes place in the house.Oh, and Rin doesn’t kill Luka because she isn’t a selfish brat.Sadly Len shoots Luka…-sigh-

Now, instead of Rin talking about how much she loves him, Len boasts about the life they’ll have and Rin is silent because, YES, SHE HAS COMMON SENSE AND CANT BELIEVE HOW SHE WAS FOOLED!!!! Thank you, Rosey! I actually have faith in you.

So, instead of agreeing like in the first ending, Rin is disgusted on how Len would think that killing everyone she loves and knows would make her happy and…

Yay for common sense! Good job, Rin and Rosey.

Yay for common sense! Good job, Rin and Rosey.

OMG, that is totally not Rin! The real Rin would’ve been so happy to know that, you know, KILLED EVERY ONE OF HER FRIENDS.Who wouldn’t be happy! OMG, poor Len. 😦 lik if u cri ever tim

Anyway, Rin gets strangled by Len, who says that no one can have her if Rin doesn’t want Len.He said that it was another person…but I’ll let it slide since this ending actually makes sense.

Rin dies and Len stops laughing like he’s in a horror movie and tries to save her.Um, maybe you should’ve saved her when she was coughing up?

Remember how in the first ending the cops and news trying to find Len suddenly didn’t exist? Well, this time, they’ve finally got out of the black hole of no continuity and reports about the crime scene.Its later told that Len killed himself.

In the next ending, it’s basically like the one I just wrote up until he talks about the life Rin and him will have.Instead of telling Len straight, she decides to escape a rather more intelligent way by acting all affectionate and happy so Len wouldn’t notice the knife she had when she stabbed him.Gotta say, great improvement from the first ending.

Anyway, Rin goes crazy, which is also very reasonable since no she has no one to run to.The nurse keeps getting personable which causes Rin to snap and kill her.I don’t really like that ending, but it is very realistic.

The next ending.WHY.WHY ROSEY??? Why did you have to waste the talent you have? But then again, maybe it was fangirl season when you wrote the last ending.

Basically, this is different from all the other endings.Len kills Oliver and Luka in the car they were trying to escape in with Rin, who was asleep at that time.

Len takes her in, and ties her to Luka’s bed….because? Maybe Rin’s room was too far away.

Anyway, Len greets her in a very creepily way and…this happens. ._.



Wow, won’t Luka and Oliver be happy to know that while they’re in Heaven from protecting their friend, she ignored the fact that they died, and loved getting raped! Um…wow.It doesn’t seem like Rin cares about her “childhood friends” like how she infers.I mean, you completely ignored that they died.As if you were HAPPY.Kinda a bit ungrateful of you.

So, after that rape session that Rosey used to get more people to like her fanfiction for attention, they live perfectly.And Rin loves Len besides the fact that he raped her and killed almost everyone she knows besides himself.But hey, “I’m surprised it went well” is a perfect excuse.That’s….very nice Rosey.You…really wanted people to read this so you can gurgle up the attention, huh.

Anyway, we are led to a mini scene of the vocaloid arguing about Rin and Len ever having a relationship like how Meiko, who it turns out wrote this which is kinda clever, wrote as a story.You know….cause let’s ignore the beginning before some chapters end where Rin and Len clearly state that Rosey made this….rip continuity.

And surprise surprise, they are sleeping together! Good thing the IDENTICAL TWINS are having a not only twincest relationship, but also a incest one.Lovely.Guess Rosey suddenly forgot about the “I feel weird writing twincest” thing in her bio?

Furthermore, we shall look at the comments.

Lovely.Gotta love all the fans who are so happy a mentally deranged sociopathic AND psychopathic kokoro nuts going on a killing spree because it’s TOO HARD TO WALK TO RIN EVEN THOUGH U DO IT ALMOST EVERY DAY DURR

I’ll review more of her fanfictions tomorrow.Peace! This took me since Saturday night to finish.



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