Futile Fanfiction #3: A Slow Descent

The first bad fanfiction was about a crazy guy.The second was about characters turned into OCS so the writer could make a excuse for her disturbing writing.And the third one, which I’m about to review? Well, just look at this picture.

Lol; she can't take constructive criticism.

Lol; she can’t take constructive criticism.

Yes,yes,yes! This is a fanfiction with a Mary-Sue.This originally was supposed to be the fourth fanfiction, since I have the original third one in a WIP stage cause it has lots of words and chapters,but I’ll be reviewing short fanfictions to repay for the lack of posts until I finish the other one.It’s also with South Park and a Mary-Sue, btw.

Let’s begin.

Surprisingly, the intro of this fanfiction is pretty canon to the show; it starts off with a argument and swear words.I actually kinda liked this…until we get to the new student part.

The kids don’t know which gender the new kid is because their name (Charlie) is unisexual.I like how Mr.Garrison refers to them as “it”.Anyway, it’s revealed that Charlie is a rather pretty and smart girl which gets all the boys to go crazy for her.And, yes, for anyone who is wondering, the same thing will go down in the mega fanfiction I have in store. -Sigh-

Of course, in the playground, the guys are looking for our dear Charlie.However; they have no luck finding her, and when one of them (Kyle) finds her, they aren’t paying attention.Kyle walks up to her, says hi, and she responds with……three dots! Because this is not only a cliff-hanger, but the end of the first chapter.

At the start of the next chapter, Charlie shows the first sign of being a Mary Sue by having the shy, quiet aura around her.After talking a bit, Kyle asks Charlie why she got braces, and just when the reason was about to be answered…the bell rings.I’ve read a lot of Mary Sue and “sad” sob story fanfictions, so obviously this will end up in “so sad I cri everi tiem” moment where she talks about the OH TOTALLY NOT CLICHE BACKSTORI.Seriously, if a character gets interrupted a lot when they try to talk about a certain subject, in almost every fanfiction does it keep happening until the climax.Why? Because the writer can’t find any other way to get readers to keep on reading, and because that subject has the most cliche backstory ever.

Btw, is it just me, or is it that every time there’s a Mary Sue in a South Park FanFiction, she ends up with Kyle, while Kenny’s perverted, suddenly Wendy didn’t exist and Stan only wanted the Mary Sue, and Eric is automatically the backstabbing bitch? Oh, and the girls (Usually just Wendy) hate poor Mary Sue for no reason!

You know…

Other than the fact that she knew Wendy and Stan were together and she seduced Stan into her arms? And has no remorse for her actions?

OFC, the boys talk about inviting Charlie to their lunch table and they do it.Btw, before this, we get typical OOC Wendy (Cause the creators aren’t rabid fangirl Tweens and would never create something like this.) being a bitch clique.


At lunch, it’s the typical Mary Sue scene where the female protagonist is crowded by all the boys cause she is loved by all the boys.Anyway, it’s revealed that Charlie ended up with braces cause…..damn, her teeth were messed up as hell.

Blah,blah,blah, Tweek is acting a bit crazy and tries to have a conversation with Charlie, but she gets creeped out and tries to bounce.She goes on the bus and is taken to her stop (Was there even a point of going on the bus? The way that “scene” is written it look like she lives half a block from the school.She is about to walk off the bus and scroll down the road with Kyle, but she is tapped on the shoulder by…Tweek! And there’s a cliff hanger for the next chapter.

Except that this is the last chapter and this fanfiction hasn’t been touched since July 5th, 2005.Yep, a decade.The person made another story (Of another show that I have not idea what it is) in 2006, but that’s it.I’m guessing around the end of 2006 the person either finally grew out of the middle school fangirl era n cringed all the way, moved to another fanfiction site, or forgot the account info to log in.Either way, thank God.

I’ll have more reviews up soon, sorry for the lack of updates.I’ve been working on that big fanfiction I have for you guys.



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