Futile Fanfiction #4: Fixing A Broken Heart

TDROTI+ TDRR.Lovely.I decided to put the antagonists of TDRR, Jacques and Josse(who I believe are adorable together), into the magical,LOVELY search bar of FF, and I found a fanfic that had so many loop-holes that I am pretty sure this was originally a OC Wattpad “novel” until Siren Of the Dark Seas, the writer, watched a new episode of TDRR. I’m gonna make a blog about all the TDI eps and seasons, soon, so remember that!

Btw, sorry for not uploading, I’ve been a bit busy with schoolwork.Let’s begin.Oh, and did you know that FF has a mobile site? Now I can copy and paste (lol yes I am lazy) instead of summarizing.I’ll have to edit the big fanfiction I have in store too, so I can copy and paste.

Dakota stood there in shock at the words that came out of her boyfriend Sam’s mouth…well ex-boyfriend. They are in school standing by his locker. She walked up to him all excited to tell him she bought them tickets to the next video game convention and he just said it.

“Dakota i just don’t think this is gonna work” he said.

“Wait what!…Did. You. Just. Break. Up. With. Me?” she asked shocked. No one has ever broke up with her before. She’s always been the dumper never the dumpee

“Yeah…look Dakota you’ve been distracting me…i have a huge gaming competition coming up and all you’ve been doing lately is coming over and distracting me from practicing” he says.

“Your my boyfriend…i just want you to give me some attention and spend some time with me” she says getting upset.

Damn, what a asshole.She got those tickets just for him, too…

“Look Dakota its just not gonna work okay…you need to move on okay…i gotta go” Sam said as the bell rang. He then walked away leaving Dakota there in shock. Her eyes then began watering and she ran down the hall. As she was running she wasn’t looking where she was going and accidentally ran into someone.

“Ow!” they said as they fell to the ground.

“Oh my gosh i am so sorry” Dakota said realizing she ran into someone. She then got a look at who she ran into and realized it was Jacques a french exchange student who has been training to ice skate in the olympics with another student by the name of Josee. Dakota hadn’t met her yet but heard she was a total controlling bitch.

“Its okay but please wa-” Jacques started, before I interrupted him.

Are you for real?

Are you for real?

First of all, Jacques and Josee are adults.He’s 22, and she’s 20.Even if the two CANADIANS (remember this) were teenagers at the time, Sam and Dakota would be in middle school.Oh, and, Sam and Dakota met DURING the show, and probably lived many states apart, excluding any chances of them seeing each other on the street but as strangers.Second of all, why would Jacques and Josee move to America suddenly? Other than the fact that this a loop hole.Third of all, why does everyone think they’re from France? They said in the first episode, “Go Quebec!”.I understand that they have a French accent, but Quebec is a French part of Canada.

When has Josee ever shown signs of abusing Jacques? The worse she’s “mistreated” him was in the first episode where she mentioned how he accidentally dropped her at the Winter Olympics.She considers his feelings and worth a lot, to the point where, if they had a romantic relationship, which I think they do and am praying for, it’ll last longer 70% of the “opposites attract, bad guys” romances on all the TDI series.

Last but not least, why did they come to America.Cause, let’s be honest, America and our education systems regarding public schools are shit rofl.No, seriously, lmao Jacques and Josee need to go back to Quebec cause the USA sucks.And, yes, this is coming from a American.I go to a Catholic school, though.

“Its okay but please watch where…” Jacques says before noticing her make-up running and tears falling out of eyes, “Are you okay?”.

“No!…my boyfriend just dumped me” Dakota says as tears begin to fall again.

“I am so sorry…’e must be a total idiot to dump a beautiful girl such as you” he says.

“Thanks” Dakota replies, “I thought he loved me but…apparently he lied to me” she says as she tears up again.

“ey do you know what i do when i’m feeling down…i go ice skating, zhe ice just always makes me feel calm and ‘appy…i feel at peace on zhe ice…when Josee isn’t yelling at me to practice harder or do better” he says.

I doubt that Josee would be that bad,A bit obsessive over winning and competitive, I’m not denying that lmao, but she is in now way obsessive and competitive to the point where she’s a domestic abusing douchebag.

“You shouldn’t let her talk to you like that…you should stand up to her” she says.

“I don’t know” he says.

“No you listen to me…no one and i mean No. One. should have to deal with that kind of bullshit…don’t be a doormat if she’s being a total bitch to you then you should tell her to get lost and find a new partner to replace her” she says.

“You know what your right…zhank you Dakota” he said turning to leave.

“Anytime” she said to his retreating form. Dakota then pulled out her compact mirror and applied some make up to fix her tear stained cheeks. She then took a deep breath and headed to her next class.

[After School]

After school Dakota decided to take Jacques’s advice and try ice skating. It really gave her some time to think and she realized that Sam never really the right guy for her. And not because she was popular and he was a gaming geek. It was because he never really cared for her…he never paid attention to her, all he did was ignore her and focus on his video games. Dakota never said he had to give them up but all she wanted him to do was spend a little bit of time with her…all she wanted was for him to care abut her and notice her but he never did…he was way more interested in Princess Zelda and Lara Croft then her…she realized that he was not someone to waste tears over. As she jumped into the air she spun ten times in a row before landing on her feet. She then began skating backwards and did a backflip on the ice landing perfectly. She the heard clapping. She turned and saw Jacques standing by the entrance to the ice rink.

“I ‘ad no idea you were so amazing at zhis…your a true professional” he says.

“Thank you Jacques…i’ve been taking ballet and gymnastics since i was three…i’m basically just putting what i know from there onto the ice” she replies.

lol ok that makes sense

“So i ‘ave news…i told Josee to go find ‘erself a new partner…i told ‘er zhat if she can’t respect me zhen she can get lost” he says.

“That great…I’m so happy for you” she says giving him a hug. He’s shocked by the hug at first but then he hugs her back. They both then pull away blushing.

“Do you wanna skate with me?” she asks.

“Yes i would love to” He replies as the two of them begin skating together. He then picks her up and spins her while holding her up. He then throws her in the air and jumps and catches her landing on his feet, putting her down.

“Wow that was amazing” Dakota says.

“It also ‘elps not to ‘ave a partner zhat is constantly yelling at me to do better and not fail and call me a complete failure” Jacques as him and Dakota stare into each other’s eyes.

“Have you ever felt like the right person for you has been there for you the entire time but you’ve just been to distracted to notice them?” she asks.

“Yes i do believe so” he says as they both close their eyes and lean in closing the gap between them and sharing a sweet, passionate kiss. After pulling away they stare into each other’s eyes they hear a very angry voice.

“JACQUES!…WHAT ARE YOU DONG WITH HER!” Josee screams angrily as she storms onto the ice.

“I’m skating with my new partner” Jacques replies.

“WHAT!” Josee screams pissed off.

How did she know he would be there?

“Yes, Dakota ‘ere is my new partner and were going to be entering the olympics together” he replies.

“We are?” Dakota asks surprised.

“Yes we are” Jacques replies.


“If anyone is a worthless failure its you…stop being a bitch and take some responsibility…i heard about how you’ve been through seven different partners…maybe your the reason you keep losing not them” Dakota says shocking Josee.

Wasn’t there a episode of TDRR where Jacques and Josee stated that they’ve basically been skating together since they were toddlers? So…yeah, there’s no way she could have so many partners before four.Just saying.

“W-what…how d-dare y-you…I-I-I-” Josee tries to say as Jacques skates up to them.

“Like you said Josee…zhe way to win is to replace your partner with someone better and Dakota is so much better zhen you in so many ways, not just in skating skills…i zhink you should leave” he says as she screams in anger and storms off.

“Mark. My. Words Jacques…you will not win with her as your partner…Mark. My. WORDS!” she says leaving. Jacques then turns to Dakota.

“Dakota i’m sorry i shouldn’t have just said you would become my new partner…i just-” he says before she cuts him off.

“I would love to be you ice skating partner” Dakota says.

“And i promise i won’t drop you like i did Josee” Jacques says.

“You wouldn’t have dropped her if she didn’t repeatedly yell at you to not screw up making you nervous” she replies as he smiles again. He then leans down and kisses her again. As he pulls away Dakota smiles big. The two then begin skating again.

[One Year Later]

It had been a year since Sam dumped Dakota and she became Jacques’s ice skating partner after he dumped Josee. And the two of them have only gotten closer. They have both begun dating each other and have competed in enough ice skating competitions to make their way to the olympics. However Josee had as well. After searching for a partner she finally found one with figure skating skills…unfortunately for her the only person she could find was Harold.






LOOLZ loopholes.

Jose and Harold had just finished earning a 9.9. Then as they were skating off the ice Josee turned to Jacques and Dakota and glared at them.

“Beat that…oh and Jacques don’t mess up and drop Dakota like you did me” Josee spats with an evil smile on her face.

“Did you know that the first person to ever be dropped in an ice skating competition was-“Harold starts but is cut off by Josee.

“WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT TALKING!” she yells, “Anyways break a leg…or both of them” she says smirking evilly as Jacques and Dakota make their way onto the ice.

Damn…what a bitch.

“Don’t listen to her…remember i won’t be mad if we don’t win…all that matters to me is that we enjoy ourselves out there…just focus on me and ignore all outside distractions…unlike her i believe in you” Dakota says.

“I understand” Jacques replies. Jacques and Dakota then make their way onto the ice. They then begin skating and they were doing amazing. After skating for ten minuets it came time for him to pick her up.

“Remember ignore all outside distractions…just focus on me” she says to him as he picks her up and begins spinning. After about ten spins he stops and throws her in the air. he then catches her and places her down as they finish by posing. The crowd erupts in cheers as they both hug each other. The judges give them a perfect ten meaning they won gold. Josee upon hearing this screams in anger and storms out while Harold follows her telling her more useless facts as she screams in anger again.


“Upon receiving their gold medals Jacques pulls Dakota into another passionate kiss. They then pull away and smile for the cameras. As this is happening Sam makes his way onto the ice.

“Dakota, Dakota…” he called.

“Sam?” she asked shocked.

“Dakota i am so sorry that i broke up with you…you were awesome…please can you give me another chance?” he asks.

“Sam…have those video games finally fried your brain…you broke my heart…its a little too late…i’ve moved on” she replies motioning towards Jacques.

“Yes why don’t you do yourself a favor and get lost before you embarrass yourself any further” Jacques says.

I agree with Jacques.Why did it take a year for you to realize this now, especially when you told her to move on? Hypocrite much? Also lolz Jacques lost his accent.

“Oh…okay” Sam says putting his head down and sulking away. Dakota then turns back Jacques.

“Thank you for fixing my broken heart” Dakota says.

“And zhank you for ‘elping me regain my confidence…je t’aime Dakota” he says

“je t’aime aussi Jacques” She replies as they kiss again as confetti rains down on them.

Tbh this fanfiction isn’t that horrible, but it’s pretty much a Lifetime cliche Wattpad shipping fanfiction.I mean, the loop-holes thrown all over just for the sake of fitting into this OTP fanfiction are pretty strange, but at least there’s no lemons or disturbing fetishes like most teen fits.Eh.I ignored the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary to be nice, but Siren needs to work on word tenses and choices.Her capitalization is okay but could be improved.And,this is important, she really needs to use commas and periods more often and correctly.The big paragraphs are filled with run on sentences and misplaced modifiers.Oh, and a few double negatives.

Other than that, I have no probs.See you next time, folks.



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