Types of Kids in a Classroom: Part 1

Yes,yes,yes,we’re gonna do this!



#1: The Clown

We’re starting of with this lovely guy.You know, the attention seeker who will repeat the same corny jokes just to get out of class and have more friends? He is usually stopping the classes by asking questions that the teacher will either have a complex, long answer, or the teacher won’t get the actual perverted joke, while every other person in the class is giggling. Also known for making strange noises to where you just turn to him and stare at his eyes, with your legs crossed and hands in a gun position on your chin.


#2: The Noisy Rumor Making Bully

Every class has this girl.You know, the one who pops in every conversation you have to bring up a certain subject just to embarrass you? She usually has mommy, daddy, or insecurity problems at home, so she resorts to being a pure evil cunt to make herself feel better.

Cloe is having issues with her dad? Time to be a insensitive asshole and spread it all over Instagram and at school! Cause that's nice...right?

Cloe is having issues with her dad? Time to be a insensitive asshole and spread it all over Instagram and at school! Cause that’s nice…right?

Down below is a typical interaction with a NRMB.

Victor: Olive, can you crush this water bottle full of ice for me?

Olive: Sure,I’ll try.If it doesn’t work, I’ll ask Donald to crush it for you, Vic-

NRMB: Olive, you have a crush on Donald?

Victor: Were we talking to you? No.Go back to talking about others, please.

Olive: Huh? No, why would yo-

-NRMB to Yui- Olive has a crush on Donald!

Yui: No she doesn’t, Toya.You shouldn’t spread rumors about othe-

-NRMB to Elora- Olive has a major crush on Donald!

Olive: I don’t! What the fuck is wrong with you? Just because you have issues at home doesn’t mean you have to be a eavesdropping bitch and make up rumors!

Elora: Toya, stop! You need help!

-NRMB looks at Olive- Yes? What’s up with you?


(Later that week, Olive snapped,beat Toya up, and Toya never eavesdropped again.She soon moved from Canada to Beverly Hills,California, to be the next Instagram whore.)

#3: The Fake Fattie “Goodie”

This girl…..god damn it….

This girl, in case you don’t have it in your class, is the girl who uses a shield and her obesity to trick everyone to thinking she’s a nice girl, but is really as rude as NRMB.Actually, she’s worst than NRMB.Atleast NRMB admits to being a twisted douche.

This is what she eats for a snack.

This is what she eats for a snack.

She will act nice, until you have something or like something she wants, to which she sabotages you in a immature, pathetic way.But GOD FORBID she is constructively criticized for being a harasser.She’ll, like every “good” guy who is caught doing such naughty things, get her white knights and friends to defend her.

Paris: Jill, why did you snatch my phone and send a text to Kendora? That’s rude.

Veronica (White Knight #1): She didn’t take it, you gave it to her!

Wendy (White Knight #2): Yeah! You’re just a stalker!

Paris: Are you fucking serious?

Jill: 🙂 -Eats 6 buckets of KFC while drinking down “Diet” Pepsi Cola-

#4: Mayweather vs Pacquiao Student

Remember this student? You know the one who always had to start a argument with the teacher, while everyone else was trying so hard to hold in their laughs and not burst out uncontrollably? Yeah, that kid.That is who we’re focused on.

Jerome vs Mrs.Lorendaz, tickets sold out!

Jerome vs Mrs.Lorendaz, tickets sold out!

That guy always has to do a “WWE Smakdown” on your teacher(s).It’s funny at first but then it’s annoying cause the teacher is just trying to teach while the student’s being a little brat.

Mrs.Lorendaz: Class, you need to start respecting others more.Please think about this.

Jerome: Why don’t you THINK about it?

Mrs.Lorendaz: Jerome, please stop this.

Jerome: I don’t care.

Olive: -Facepalm-

#5: Captain Obvious Clones and Their Wives

Why do these guys have to be all over my classrooms?

Anyway, for those who don’t know who CO is or has never experienced one, a CO is a person who purposely states the obvious just to either see smart, to feel important, just to have a speaking role, or to shove it in your or someone else’s face that they just messed up big time.

Seems like you, Laurie, has just been caught doing your math homework in another class!

Seems like you, Laurie, has just been caught doing your math homework in another class!

Thomas: Hey, Olive!

Olive: Hmm?

Thomas: Besides your name being a short, tiny green fruit, you have red, long and puffy hair!

Don’t forget the female versions, who repeat the same drama that was caused for no reason other than to bully a peer.

I'll help you, hubby! Did you guys hear that

I’ll help you, hubby!
Did you guys hear that “FRIENDLY” rumor I made about Yoshiko and Yolanda being lesbians because I have daddy problems? Oh..you did? And this is the 26th time I’ve told you this? Oh….well time to hear it again!

Seriously, repeating all those rumors and narrating events that had just happened isn’t making you cool.

#6: The Doodling Blogger Hipster Fag

Time to rage!

Time to rage!

This girl is the WORST.She spends her time doodling NSFWS in the classes where she is good at (Which means every class excluding math) and, when she finally stops looking at her drawings, she complains and bitches about shows, characters, Fanfictions, and people on her little WordPress blog.Like every hipster fag, she cries about old shows being turned to pure shit and gets triggered easily.If you see this girl, you need to throw Nickelback CDS at her; it’s the one thing that makes her melt in fear and terror.Other wise, like every butthurt hipster blogger, she will turn into the Hulk.

Btw, she is known to stay up until 9:00, sometimes 10:00 or 11:00.That’s impressive for a thirteen year old in the eighth grade.You can find her at your average tiny cigarette/candy store, wasting her allowance on sugary things, close to diabetes.She is very possessed.Btw, her blog name sucks.”Mixing Da Critics”? Wtf is that?

Sugar: -devours x99 sweets- DERR SO MAD ABOUT TV

Donna: 0-0……-slowly gets nickelback cd ready to be thrown towards Sugar’s face-

That’s all folks; I’ll show you more classmates soon.

-Runs into sunlight with bags of food, butthurt cream, and laptop in my hands-


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