MY Top Ten Hated Characters

Guess what? I finally got a new laptop! ūüėÄ It’ll be way easier to make posts now.But, let’s start on something I always wanted to do.

Yes, if you have seen the title, I will be doing a series on top ten memes from Deviantart.

And this is the first one.

People will hate me for number seven, five, and four.

People will hate me for number seven, five, and four.

This has also been posted on my new DeviantArt.Here’s the link.¬†

Let’s begin.

#10: Bella Swan (From Twilight)

You know, she isn’t THAT bad….but she’s a pretty boring Mary-Sue.It’s so cliche and illogical that I’m pretty sure most people who read this thought it was a fan-fiction made by a thirteen year old.It makes no sense on how her father was perfectly fine with adult men trying to seduce his teenage daughter.

#9: Miu Matsuoka (From Ichigo Mashimaro, Strawberry Marshmallow in English.)

A bit of a brat, but at least she gets karma.Although, it’s a bit annoying how she doesn’t think of anyone else’s feelings and strives for Nobue’s affection to the point of sabotaging the other girls.Better than ONE twerp on this list at least…*Cough* Rin *Cough*

#8: Modern Denzel Crocker (Modern FOP)

What the fuck happened to this guy? At the beginning of the show, he got karma and just wanted to prove a point, but now he’s just a sociopath, psychopathic, and deranged stalking asshole.I guess some kids go crazy when they have daddy issues.

#7: Lucy (Elfen Lied the Manga AND Anime)

Now, I know people will rage and say I only watched the anime without paying attention, and that I didn’t get all the information about Lucy.Well, guess what? I not only watched the anime and OVAS, but I read the WHOLE manga (Or did I see it? Kinda confused since manga is different from anime) twice.And, let me tell you, if you hate this psychopathic cunt in the anime, you will want to dispose her in the manga.80% of the time she kills, it’s for being a douche-bag.Why do people hate Yuka, other than the fact that she’s in the “way” of their stupid ship of Lucy and Kouta?

Let’s remember, kids, that Lucy killed his FUCKING FAMILY.Why? Cause she thought she was BETWADED! Oh, cry me a river.Lucy could’ve been sold as a sex-slave for all I care, and that wouldn’t excuse her despicable behavior.Your backstory is not a excuse whenever you do a bad deed.To think that it is is immature and stupid.I really don’t see how anyone could like Lucy, yet hate Yuka.Lucy is a douche-bag, and I have no sympathy for her.She knows what’s she is doing, and she knows how it feels to lose someone you love, yet she continues to be a terminator and kill everyone who “makes her mad”.Seriously, grow up.Nana lost her limbs due to your mental ass, but did you see her killing everyone she saw just to watch them suffer? No.Why? Cause it’s ONLY LUCY.Lucy isn’t a nutjob cause of her species; it’s FREE WILL.And, for that, she is guilty as charged.Lucy is so lucky that I remembered the people in front of in the line of characters I hate.Lucy would probably of been first, had it not been for them.This character is over-rated for the wrong reasons, and is a borderline psychopath.

#6: Haruhi Suzumiya (From TMOHS)

Look, another tsundere sociopath chick who gets away with being a bitch; and don’t forget, when she is finally put on blast or is given karma, it’s stopped by a white knight hypocrite, who didn’t do anything when the punching bag was hurt.Is she related to Taiga and Rin? I can see the resemblance (personality wise).

However…Haruhi is a bit different from anime girls like her.You know how some people think that the world revolves around them? Well, that’s exactly how Haruhi thinks; and I’m not kidding.The whole anime is about this, and all the supernaturals in this show believe this, and that’s the whole theme in this.AND YES, I WATCHED THE MOVIES AND MANGA SO DON’T SAY I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE.

Haruhi has her head so far up her ass that to call her “egotistical” or “stuck-up” is a understatement beyond this Earth.She, apparently, is the God of the universe…or some sht idk the anime was so derpy and confused that I got a bit mixed up on the plot.Which is what happens when you DO PLOT HOLES AND THEN TURN IT TO TRUTH THEN SARCASM EVERY FIVE SECONDS, KADOKAWA SHOTEN.However, this is the same series that took in Lucky Star, High School of the Dead, Baka to Test, and Black Rock Shooter.I’m not surprised.Kadokawa Shoten takes in many animes that aren’t thought in carefully, with non-visible plot lines.BRS the anime, although good, has a invisible plot line just because of this.KS writers are always making loop-holes and continuity fail cause they barely go over the writing.

Btw, characters like Haruhi and Lucy are the reason why I hate 95% of animes.Seriously, why is their immature and selfish behavior not corrected or criticized? Oh wait, they’re the main characters….right.Sorry! Forgot!

Besides sexually harassing Mikuru, treating Kyon like (literately) a garbage bag, attacking other students/other clubs because she can’t ask to borrow a fucking object, being a egotistical spoiled brat who thinks everything revolves around her, and is annoyingly a insufferable asshole, Haruhi is a cliche tsundere who thinks that, by treating your crush like shit, they will totally fall in love with you! She’s as much as a egotistical hypocrite as Taiga and Rin.

Of course, like every tsundere who’s popular in America, she has a set of white knights who, even though they don’t do anything when Haruhi attacks someone or is just a plan assaulter, will turn into a soldier as soon as Haruhi is told how it is.Speaking of this subject, why did you dodge Kyon’s hand towards Haruhi, Itsuki? She really deserved it.She flipping sexually assaulted and intoxicated a innocent girl just so they could finish her weabooish movie.I’m not for violence, but she really, really, does deserve a beating.

This girl is a sociopath asshole, and you can’t deny that.

#5:Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)

Do you know what is more annoying than a killer who’s fans uses her backstory as a excuse, and a egotistical assaulting selfish brat who thinks the world revolves around her and is a cliche tsundere? Someone who is both characters added together! Well, minus the killing and God part.

Yes, children, Taiga is what happens when someone who uses their “sad” backstory as a excuse and rages for the most idiotic reasons meets someone who is sadistically cruel and believes that being a egotistical bitch is fun, and have a baby! Guys, this is Taiga Aisaka.

Taiga Aisaka, for those who don’t know, is a borderline brat who, because of her “sad” backstory, we’re supposed to let her despicable behavior slide.Cause, you know, backstories /=/ (That’s the sign for automatically equals) excuses.No, it doesn’t.Your backstory doesn’t make your future.Look at Yuuji Kazami, the main character from “The Fruit of Grisaia” anime, manga, and visual novels.This kid’s sister vanished in a accident during a field trip, resulting in his father being abusive towards both him and his mother, leading to, after a year of hiding and Yuuji and his mother being found by his father, the mother snapping after Yuuji’s father raped her and killed his father and then herself.He then got adopted by, first a rich pedophile who would make Yuuji cross-dress and sexually abused him, and then a hot chick who was also a pedophile BUT HEY AT LEAST SHE “WAITED” -_-.

Is Yuuji a asshole? NO.Does he treat people like shit and only care about his background when he gets in trouble? NO.Why? Because only the weak do it.Lucy, Taiga,Rin (Wait till you see her reason of being a- NO SPOILERS- -_-) have no excuses on the mischievous behavior they acquire, and for them to try to use one is disgusting.Taiga shouldn’t be aloud to do such bad things because of her backstory.Yes, what happened to her isn’t really good, but that’s not a excuse to insult and assault anyone you don’t like.And it’s obvious that Taiga is doing this on free will, cause she is best buds with Minori, another piece of shit in this oh cliche romance comedy “sad” anime.

Oh, and did you know that she is a hypocritical selfish brat? When her father, who gave up being a thot JUST for her came, Taiga whined and flipped the finger.And, she has the NERVE to insult Ryuuji, the punching ba- I mean “love interest” of Taiga.I find it hard to believe that Rikurou was a bad guy.And, if he was, he would be the perfect father for such a horrible person.Her mother seems to be more caring than what the fans and Taiga think.Also, Ryuuji is a asshole to what he said to his mother, who is basically a hooker, just to afford their tiny apartment after his dad walked out.BTW, what is up with rich kids living alone in apartments in Japan? With no supervision? Does Japan¬†notice this or care? Like, seriously, how is this perceived as a-okay by the school?

I don’t feel bad about the Yusaku thing, causee Taiga had rejected HIM insensitively and carelessly the year prior, so it’s all her fault.When she got rejected by Yusaku a second time (When Sumire confessed to Yusaku), I honestly didn’t care.Crying cause you realized that he doesn’t have romantic feelings for you? Oh, shut up.What a hypocrite.This wouldn’t of happened if you rejected him like a normal human being instead of doing it like the stuck-up bitch you are.

Seriously, why is this girl over-rated? And why are the original makers of this (The manga came first before all the ovas and anime and games and stuff) so uncreative, seeing as Sumire and Ami look EXACTLY alike and only have a difference on eye color, the middle (Which isn’t really a difference since Ami has the same bangs in certain positions) of their bangs, and¬†voice? No one knows.But, seriously, why is Taiga Aisaka well-liked? She freaking called Maya, another character who, although barely speaks and is almost close to a background character along with her best friend Nanako, is better than any of the self-absorbed dramatic piece of shits in this show.This is the most unlikable character I’ve ever seen, period.Well, to the third most hated character (For me) on this list.

Loop-holes, loop-holes.All that matters is that Taiga, to me, is a hypocritical sociopath twerp.

#4: Minori Kushieda (Also From Toradora!)

You know why I hate this girl more than Ami and Taiga? Well, Ami and Taiga admit how horrible they are (Although in the beginning of the manga and anime, they were a bit hypocritical in the beginning), while Minori criticizes everyone for doing this that she does herself.Minori, besides how she may seem, plays with people’s feelings.This is noted by Ami, a manipulator herself, so it’s pretty obvious.Also, Minori and Ami have similar last names…..I guess the creator of the manga couldn’t think of anything else original, huh? Seriously, though, Minori knows that what she does will hurt everyone, yet doesn’t hesitate to think about other peoples’s feelings because she’s too selfish to just tell Ryuuji, who she KNOWS became good friends with Taiga JUST to go on Minori’s good side.

Minori knows that she’s wrong, and she knows that what she’s doing is insensitive and selfish; yet, she still does it.Really? You know what, let’s stop this.Next!

#3: Rin Kokonoe (Kodomo No Jikan)


She’s the ultimate asshole.She has the sociopath harsh treatment that Lucy gives, Haruhi’s ability to be a insufferable asshole and get away with it because assaulting someone sexually and tormentingly, and the “sad” backstory of Taiga to gain the viewer’s sympathy.

Rin Kokonoe is a snotty brat who torments the living life of her teacher, Daisuke Aoki, because she has a crush on him.

But, why should we forgive these horrible actions? BECAUSE HER MOTHER DIED.OH, FUCK OFF.

Seriously, though,¬†we just stop with the backstories /=/ excuses? It’s not a excuse for bad behavior, and it’s quite sad that someone would think it would be for main characters.If sub and background characters can’t use it, neither can main characters.There’s nothing on her backstory that is the cause of her actions.And, no, don’t say that I haven’t “had a tragedy”.My father died when I was in the same grade as Rin (Third), but did you see me being a slutty brat who tortured someone to make myself feel better? No.His death did cause a bit of problems in me, but nowhere to where I did something just because of his death.Rin’s mom dying isn’t causing her to resort to:

  • blackmail
  • sexual assault
  • verbal assault
  • physical assault
  • false accusations of molestation
  • false accusations of rape
  • false accusations of domestic abuse
  • false accusations of sexual abuse
  • false accusations of verbal abuse
  • false accusations of physical abuse
  • seduction.

And, because of these reasons, I have no sympathy for Rin.I can’t stand her friend, Kuro, either.Kuro is so jealous of the poor guy to the point where she physically, verbally, and mentally abuses him for no reason other than the fact that Kuro is a self-absorbed cunt who has lots of pride, yet can’t tell Rin three words.

Just as self-absorbed as Rin.When another teacher (Kyoko) tries to confess to Aoki, Rin shows her true colors as a manipulative brat and sabotages Kyoko if Kyoko goes as far as just walking next to¬†Aoki.Which, is pretty ironic, judging by all the things this girl has done to her “crush”.Also, this just proves that Rin doesn’t seem to respect the ADULT she “loves”.If she really loved him, she wouldn’t sabotage others just for her own gain.

Also, wtf is with the pedophilia in this shit? A THIRD GRADER (Rin’s friend, who personality-wise is the only normal person in this shit next to Aoki and Kyoko) having her breast almost to the sizes of D, maybe DD? Was Dewani90 in the art-board department in the anime, manga, and OVA? Cause this is just disgusting.There’s a difference between a bit of fan-service and just becoming a border line pedophile/predator to the point where Chris Hansen drives by your house every five hours with a grenade launcher, waiting for you to come home so he can execute you off his “MOST WANTED PREDATORS” list.The way these EIGHT and NINE year olds are depicted in the franchise just makes me want to grab Dateline and Chris Hansen along with me to a trip to Japan so we can have a little “talk” with Studio Barcelona (Now named Diomedea to hide from Chris Hansen and Dateline).

But, hey, it’s Japan, so why should I be shocked.Whatever.NEXT!

#2: Modern Lisa Simpson (Modern The Simpsons)

Remember when Lisa didn’t have to brag about being intelligent and wasn’t a hypocrite? Well now Lisa is everything she despises.She’s a butthurt feminazi vegan hippie hypocrite who whines and bitches about how animals are treated, yet eats insects and pretends that she doesn’t know that plants are beings, too.Ironically, even those 85% of “Just Lisa” episodes/plot lines have to do with Lisa being unfair or selfish, Lisa always is the first to shun someone in disgust over their sins.Oh, but it’s a-okay when Lisa does it! Like how Lisa peer-pressured her mother into telling the truth about sabotaging the other chefs’s (It was a contest) food, even though Lisa cheated in a soccer game, just to be a hypocrite and, instead of admitting that she was wrong, call her father out on being a FATHER, which is what Lisa bitches and whines about wanting her father to actually be, for once.Yeah, Lisa is like a butthurt feminazi; they both want (Insert desire) until it affects them negatively.

And, no, I’m not “hating” on Lisa.Although, people will be more mad about me hating Lucy,Taiga, and Rin, since 95% of the Lisa fanbase ditched her due to her current OOC (Abbreviation for Out Of Character) hypocritical state.I used to be a FAN of this girl, mind you.She was usually the only reason why I watched the show in the first place.However, as time went on, I soon realized that she grew more and more out of character after 2005.And, sadly, this is the outcome of what happens when a show stays on the air for too long; it runs out of ideas, and becomes your average generic American-cartoon.

And, now, we have to deal with this Tumblr hispter-fag, who will later become the next Anita-Sarkeshian hypocrite money whore in a feminist-based game company.She might even sleep with game reviewers to boost up the rates of her video games while down-rading other video games, like Zoe Quinn.You know, the dick-sucking hypocrite who is one of the reasons why feminism has failed? Hopefully Zoe doesn’t see this, or she’ll try to seduce me so no one talks about the scandal! Lol I’ll stop..


#1: Modern Peter Griffin (Modern Family Guy)

Boy…this guy….the once lovable father who, although made a bit of mistakes, learned in the end and admitted to not being a perfect father.

Too bad he’s now a abusive asshole.Seriously, he treats his oldest child like a punching bag,his wife like a maid (Although she does deserve it for being a disgusting whore),starts conflicts and arguments because he’s that selfish, gets drunk about fifty times more than the time he spends with his kids WILLINGLY, and so much that I could turn all the horrible things he does on a daily basis to a mini-novel.About, I’d say, 215 pages?

Peter is mentally retarded; and I mean this seriously.It’s to the point where it’s every episode about him is depressing.He always has to ruin the moment, always has to be a asshole, and always has to be a horrible person in general.

Ironically, although I hate this guy the most, I didn’t write a lot for him.


I might do another one of these.Again, I said MIGHT.But, for now, this is just it.


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    Yep, you just ensured that any credibility you might have had went straight out the window. Definitely won’t be checking out the rest of your blog.


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